How to identify a pathological liar

a pathological liar

Lying is something that takes place in our lives almost on a daily basis. We all cannot say that we have not lied at one time in our lives or the other. But yet most of us place great value in honesty. When we take a look at the society we find ourselves, we get to see that lies are more accepted these days, yet we keep stating how bad it is to lie. It is so common to now that people know that someone will lie at one point in time in their lives and yet we accept it. We expect people to lie when we take a look at their online profile, we expect athletes to lie and even accept them when they comeback. When it comes to lying about having an affair in a relationship that has been happening like forever. It now seems like, though we don’t like lies and we know it happens around us, we don’t seem to raise an eyebrow any longer.

When you take for example a case where a celebrity or a sport athlete was caught to have been lying for years, it then begs the question, “Can we say that lying is part of their success story? In the first place why should these celebrity lie? Is it that lying is what makes their life to have the fun and the fame it has? Or is it that the pressure that comes with their career is what pressures them into lying?

Online dating scams: How to know your online date is a fake

Online dating scam

How do you know if your online love is for real? How are you sure that your online love escapades are for real? It can be confusing deciding whether to go on with your online love or to forget about it so that you don’t end up wasting your efforts and emotions on something that might never work.

Reports show that 15-20 percent of online date leads to marriage. So if you are scared that you eDating might not work out well know that there is a chance that it might work out after all.

There are also other positive sides of meeting people online before you finally meet face to face. Another report shows that married couples that met online turns out to be happy in their marriage more than couples that dated face to face.

The reason behind this is that online dating provides partners that opportunity to talk and chat more. It helps them to improve their intimacy before they finally decide to meet.

The way the human minds works happen to make people fall in love with someone they have not met for the first time physically, touched or kissed. The frequent communication that takes place through phone calls and computer screens are enough to make people fall in love with themselves. Another factor that inspires this is the thought and fantasy of meeting this person for real and the wonder of how this person is for real.

Becoming aware of the blessings you have

When people are not aware of the blessing they have

Becoming aware of the blessings you have

There is this saying that you don’t know what you have until you’ve lost it. We hear this words everyday either from people around us or by the movies and music that we listen to. We hear these words, knowing that there is truth in them and yet we still continue on our path to regret.

In life man is always looking for adventures and newer forms of entertainments. When we come in contact with something in our life for the first time, there is this thrill that comes with it, but after spending some time with that newly discovered path of our lives, we get bored with it and start searching for newer forms of entertainments.

This quest for more entertainments makes humans to venture into areas they never thought they would. It all depends on the balance between self control and the desire to experience something new but there are those that do not might getting themselves into trouble just for the thrills that comes with venturing into unknown territories.

Remember that I don’t mean venturing into areas for the development and success of lives. As a matter of fact this is where human dissatisfaction can be an advantage to them. Let us now go to back to areas where people’s desires for something new get them in trouble.

Why people become fans

Why people become fans and support their teams

Why people become fans

Why do people become fans to their team even when they are supporting the losing team? Fans follow and support their team through thick and thin. There is no discrimination between the rich and the poor as fans because it is like they are all in one world. Reports also show that most fans are committed to their team more than they are to their marriage.

What is the force behind this drive and what is in for them supporting their favorite teams? Studying fans behavior, it was understood that there are three reasons why sports fans behave the way they do. Here are the reasons:

  • People are wired socially to become fans. It doesn’t matter the team you support, the moment you put on their jersey you feel like you are one with everyone else.
  • There is something about the team or event that you love. Some people are just okay with the first half of the game. They are fans that are drawn to a certain player in the team and would be less interested in any match played without their favorite player.
  • People enjoy the social connection they feel with other fans. It is not only about the connection fans feel among themselves, it is the connection they share with the players. This is why fans share in the pain players feel when they are hurt; they join in discussions about different players with their fellow fans. Becoming a fan of a team makes them feel like they have a larger circle of friends.

The passion fans have for their team can be so strong that they don’t mind supporting their teams under harsh weathers. When I was a kid, it did not make any sense to me, but as I began to ask questions and research on the reason why, I came to understand better.

how to save your marriage

How you can recover and move on after divorce

how to recover from divorce

I grew up viewing marriage as a sacred union, a union where partners are supposed to stick together through thick and thin. From what I learnt from my parents, divorce was never an option not minding what the family may be facing at any point in time. But when I look at the rate at which separation happens these days, I help but wonder if I was wrong to think marriage for what I thought it to be.

Reports show that one out of two marriages fail, and this separation leave both parties feeling lost, alone, overwhelmed, and with the effort of trying to put back the pieces of their lives together. The popular solution to getting over divorce is by starting to date again. But this is solution doesn’t always work out that well.

The healing process of divorce is not the one that you can rush; you need to give yourself time to heal and rediscover yourself as a single person. Children are also victims of divorce as they lose   both a parent and the unity of the family they use to know as one. Taking care of them and helping them minimize the pain of the divorce takes priority.

does true love really exist

10 signs to know someone truly love you

does true love really exist

When it comes to our emotions, it can be confusing to decipher if someone truly care about us or not. This is often the case when you want to know if what your partner feels for you is true love.

With what is known as civilization in the 21st century, changing partners comes as easy as changing the clothes we wear. Back in the days, wedding vows were known to be held sacred; partners stuck together through thick and thin. But now, wedding vows is not known to be held at high esteem than it was in the past.

It is becoming more confusing to know if someone has true feelings for you. Many people keep asking if true love exist. Well the answer is as long as the psychology behind this feeling is still in play, true love will always exist and it can be found in many couples. The real problem with true love is that people want to experience it but they don’t want to experience the difficulty that comes with it.

The issue of true love is always accompanied with some sort of blindness, blindness that makes you ignore some aspect of your partner until you both get married. After having kids and issues that have to do with money, age and stressors come into play, all those ignored part of your spouse comes into the light.

When your wife becomes your mother

First I will like to state that your wife will, can and should never be your mother. To some men there are cool with this fact, to others it makes them less desirable. When your wife begins to see you as one of their kids, that if they realize this or not, to them you are no longer their lover and someone they are supposed to desire, you are just one of their kids needing attention.

This mentality can make the man less desirable and can affect his wife’s sexual attraction towards him. Some women are so aware that they consider their husband one of their kids that they even joke about it with their friends.

No matter how this sounds, what is a fact is that this happening in many homes in every part of the world. One major cause of this fact is the media. Most TV shows, movies and music display men as being the sensitive ones, men being so busy and not knowing what the woman does behind his back to keep his home together and without his wife he’ll be lost.

This incompetence display about men in the media when compared to men is somehow affecting people’s mentality towards their homes especially women and their children. Another interesting fact about this is that men though they know about this trend don’t seem to be worried about it. They might complain about it but seem to get along with it.

sleeping naked among couples increase marital happiness

Bedroom secrets that can help a relationship thrive

sleeping naked among couples increase marital happiness

It is not a surprise that couples that sleep nude are the happiest in marriage. Yes it adds to intimacy and can encourage love making which will in turn strengthen the bonds partners share in relationships. When you ask friends about what they wear to bed, it might surprise you how many of them love sleeping nude.

Though it is not everyone that feels comfortable sleeping this way, what is more important is that you are comfortable sleeping at night. This is important for the survival of the marriage. That being said, is there a particular sleep outfit that would please both the men and the women?

Experts believe that comparing what is best to sleep with in marriage, what is more important is the act of love in a relationship than whatever you feel comfortable sleeping with. Most men and women do not mind what their partner wear to bed as long as they feel loved, cared for and appreciated in the relationship. This can only be an issue when either party does not feel appreciated in the relationship.

The bed is like the display ground for how happy or sad partners are in their relationship. What is more important in a relationship is not what people wear to bed, but it is what happens on the bed. Here are some bedroom tips to help keep your relationship healthy:

What does it take to succeed in life?

List of positive things you can do to boost your life

how to be positive in life

How can one stay positive in life amidst negative people? Everywhere you look, it seems like all we see and hear of are negative things. The world of doom and destruction looming. I turn on my TV and 95% if news and information I hear is that of war and impending doom. There is either this new virus wiping out parts of Africa, or war in European countries.

We cannot forget about the everyday suicide bombing, rise of the Arab Spring and the fight for freedom in countries where rulers become dictators and want to rule for life. Many countries are falling into depression or escaping depression by less the 1%. The fall financial sector are gains for some mischievous and corrupt people while the masses suffer from their criminal acts. Fines after fines and corrupt senior bank officials don’t seem to stop illegal activities in the foreign exchange market.

Are we talking about the world economy when we don’t look at the disease and health problems that take away the lives of people we love on daily basis and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Everywhere you look you see people talking about one problem or the other. So much negativity around and yet there is need for one to stay positive.

Why couples should work together in raising their children

It is important that couples learn how to raise their kids together. There are often situations where a wife feels that her husband spends more time with their dog then he does with her. There are also times when the husband feels disconnected from his wife because she spends so much time dotting the kids. While this can seem like something normal, women should understand that they are not doing their marriage and their children any good.

I am not talking about a mom that is trying to find a balance between being a mom and a caring wife to her husband. It is normal for mothers to struggle with keeping date nights with her husband and at same time maintain her role as mom to her kids. But in a situation where you have an exclusive relationship with your children where you keep your husband out of it, sharing the feeling you are suppose to share with your husband with your kids, then you will be causing more harm than good to your kids.

While these moms might feel that they are the super moms and they share a wonderful and close feeling with their children, they might be contributing in preventing their child from learning certain rules, consequences and boundaries in life. There are moms that keep a blind eye to something wrong their child did; even if they are aware their child messed up, they find a way to blame other children. Another cause of this is when a wife belittles her husband and making herself unique to her children.

how to save your marriage

Four emotional stages divorced couples go through

stages of divorce

After the emotional pain people go through when they lose their partner or child, another painful emotional feeling is the one that comes with divorce. Divorced couples go through a lot of pain, stress and hurt when they go through this process. Though the issue of divorce is one that is commonly seen in day to day marriages, it is not easy feeling for couples to make the decision of going through the process.

Reports shows that it takes about five to seven years for the decision to get a divorce to brew. Though they are marriages that end lesser than this but as a course of those years, couples try what they can to get it to work it out only to find out that the marriage cannot be saved. The issue of divorce demands the help and services of lawyers, counselors and mediators to help everyone involved to go through the process with as less friction as possible and to help them rebuild their life after separation.

The common feeling divorced couples have has a lot to do with the length of the divorce and the cause of the separation. Divorce has a similar feeling to losing someone that is close to you. In this case it is not the death of a human, it is the death of a marriage. In a regular death, they is always the gathering of friends and family members to help comfort the relatives of the deceased, but in the case of the divorce people hardly come by which makes the loneliness divorced couples feel more prevalent.

when guy is not into you

10 signs a guy is not into you: He doesn’t love you

when guy is not into you

Most women will always tell you of their personal stories about waking up one early morning to find their friend crying. What happened? They just found out that a guy they thought loved them didn’t. Guys suffer from this fate too but not as much as women do. They delude themselves that a guy cares about them while he doesn’t. If you are not sure about your stand in a guy’s life, here are some tips to help you discover if he is love with you or not.

Trying to find out if a guy is into you or not is for those that have a little bit clarity in the way they think. There are women so stupidly in love with a guy that they fantasize about almost anything the guy does, from his every word, to his posture, his tone, everything. The funny part of this is that the guy might not be aware that this lady is thinking of him to this extent. Women like this never care to wonder if these guys they care so much about feel the same way for them, they just assume that is the case.

Women are more guilty of seeing love where they is no love. And this is the reason why people like this get less from a relationship than women that are more realistic with their view. There are certain roles a guy in your life is supposed to play in a woman’s life if he really cares about her. But a woman that is so much in love will not mind making excuses for the guy not showing up for their birthday, pay for a date or treat them like a guy is supposed to treat a woman he claims he loves.

I don’t like my child’s partner, what should I do?

It is not a new scene when you see parents not approving of the partner their children intend to marry or date. It all depends on how the matter is being handled, but the resultant effect can range from being handled gently to getting to the extent where families are torn apart.

As a parent what you have to understand is that even as kids your children will always bring their playmates home with them. It is also the same when they become teens, bringing home their date and eventually adults bringing home the partners and fiancées. It is not a must that you will like all of them and the confusion lies on whether to be quiet about it or speak out. There is also this concern of how your child might feel when you are against that person they are about to marry.

If you are faced with a situation where your child is still a minor, it is within your legal right as the guardian to give your consent whether your child should marry someone or not. Even when there is pregnancy, you can still reject a partner if you think they are abusive sexually, emotionally or physically.

Why do female teachers have sex with their students?

Why do female teachers have sex with their students?

Why do female teachers have sex with their students?

There have been reports about female teachers having sex with their students. This report is not one that is common in a few states, but according to the U.S. Department of Education, the issue of relationship between female teachers and students are reported in every state. Reports like these are the reason why people tend to ask why.

Over the past nine years, reports show that cases like this have risen to over 40% and this number is steadily rising. To be able to understand why this is going on, one would have to understand what is going on in the mind of the teacher.

One fact about teachers like these is that they look like normal adults and you might not suspect that they are capable of something like this. But what people like this are experiencing is something called arrested emotional development. Even as adults, they still giggle and carry on as teenagers.

The odd part of the whole issue is that they choose a particular aspect of this kid to focus on and they idealized to a state that they begin to see their actions as being right and justified. Soon they begin to see these teens as an adult depending on their age and how in love they are with this teen. What this is called in psychology is known as counter-transference. Romantically idealizing one aspect of a teen, she then projects that perception into her reality. This reality is only seen by the teacher in person and no other person.

When your partner is in love with their ex

Have you ever been in a situation where your love/fiancée/boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife is still in love with their ex? Even when you are very convinced that this is the case and you confront them, they still deny it. A situation like this might even make you want to give up the relationship.

Even if this is not your case, you might know a close friend or family member that is facing the same situation and you want to know how to help. Facing this situation, if you try to force your partner to forget about their ex, you might force them to increase their effort in hiding their true feelings from you. This might end up affecting your relationship with this person in the future.

Another confusing thought is the one where you don’t know whether to leave this person or to be patient with them to know if this phase will pass by. Many problem people face in their relationship and their marriage is as a result of partners not being able to get over their ex. Let us now take a look at a situation where you think your partner is still in love with their ex and yet they deny it. Here are some signs that certify this fact if you are having this feeling:

marrying someone like your parent

Why we are attracted to people that are similar to their parents

marrying someone like your parent

Why are people attracted to people that are similar to their parents in terms of relationship? Many of them even end up marrying in someone that is similar to their mother or father? Well the reason is not farfetched; your parents are the first people you ever knew, the first people you ever loved. With such a unique impact, there is no doubt they are going to affect many of the decisions you make in your life in the future.

The level of relationship a person shares with their parents affects their decision to whom they relate with up to the extent of getting married to them. Coming to this relationship and its effects, you get to see that it affects a person decision to date a person or not.

Psychologically, behaving like a person’s parent can give someone an edge into winning the love of the person they desire. Let us take a look at a situation where a woman had a wonderful relationship with her dad while growing up. It is very clear that if she meets a man that has similar traits like her dad, she might fall in love with this person.

This scenario is also very common with men choosing wives. There is this saying that men most times marry their mom. When you have a person make so much impact in your life, your subconscious seem to make a list that you don’t even know about. In this list contains traits that your subconscious feels should replicate the feeling you had with your first protectors, your parents.