8 skincare tips

8 skincare tips from the masters

8 skincare tips

Deal with dehydration.

When you look at the long list of skin issues that people have, you get to see that dehydration is the cause of most of them. When the skin surface suffers from dehydration, this condition disrupts the natural production and secretion of oil. This disruption can lead to dryness, dull skin, milia, broken capillaries, premature aging, sagging skin, breakouts, blackheads, large pores, redness, sensitivity, roughness, fine lines, wrinkles, and acne.

It is very important that you rehydrate your skin with tonics that are able to penetrate into deep layers of your skin so as to bring a balance to your skin. Making use of creams and lotions might not prove successful as they might be heavier and lay on top of your skin without achieving proper penetration.

Apply toner or hydrator correctly.

When you want to apply your toner or hydrator on your skin, you should apply it in a gentle upward motion. This way your skin is able to absorb the toner better. The technique behind this is because the arrangement of the skin cells is in such a way that they are overlapping like the roofing shingles of a house.

Know why you should apply upwards.

courageous acts in history

5 Lists of courageous acts in history

courageous acts in history Desmond Doss

This was a man that his religion forbade him from carrying a weapon or threatening another man’s life. This is why his recruitment during WW11 was a tough test for him. But because of his religion, he was placed under a non-combat unit; he was a medic in charge of treating wounded soldiers. This made his fellow soldiers to ridicule and make fun of him.

Then came a time when his unit came under fire by the Japanese and all his men were almost wiped out . Doss quickly rigged up a stretcher that could be lowered by a series of ropes and pulleys to the ground below. Then all by himself even as he came under fire from the Japanese, he rescued 75 men from his unit one by one.

His act of bravery and self sacrifice is one that is still to be reckoned with in the history of military service. Doss insisted that he saved close to 50 men but the real number of men he saved were 75. I guess because he was under fire and due to the adrenaline rush, he lost count of the number of men he saved that day.

8 traits of charming personality

8 traits of charming personality

8 traits of charming personality

What are the characteristics of a charming personality? What are the traits you see in a person and you agree that this person is charming? A personality is the embodiment of who a person is. Meeting people that are successful, you get to see that some if not most of them are blunt, impolite and even rude. But people with a charming a personality are not like this.

Building a business relationship, one is mostly likely to meet people in other to build a network that favors their cause. This is why we are drawn to people that we like, people that we can agree with, and people that are charming.

For you to know a person that is charming you should be able to recognize their traits – this is why we are going to state eight of them here.

They are always glad to meet you.

When you meet people with charming personality, it seems like they are always glad to meet you – it is like they have been expecting you. A charming person makes you feel important and respects your opinion. They are very attentive and listen to whatever you have to say; this is a sign that they have respect for you.

How to know you will make a good entrepreneur

How to know you will make a good entrepreneur

How to know you will make a good entrepreneur

How does one know that he or she will make a good entrepreneur? You believe in something so much that you are willing to put everything on the line including your money, talent, time and yet you are not afraid to try again and again no matter how many times you fail.

For those that do not see things the way you do, people like your friends and family members, it can be very confusing for them. They keep asking you why you are wasting your time, why not play it safe and do what every other person does, play it safe and get a job.

This is why are going to let you into things to do and how to respond to people when they ask you why you do thing the way you do it. If you are also confused about what makes you an entrepreneur, then here are some of the reasons.

You don’t want to find yourself in the wrong side of life.

For people that do not examine their decisions and due to unforeseen circumstances, it is easy for people to find themselves in areas of life that normally they would not have chosen. In these areas of life, people normally see themselves as being trapped.

7 Reason why you hate your job

7 Reason why you hate your job

7 Reason why you hate your job

Why do people hate their job? Asking some people five things they hate most in the life and you get to see that their job happens to be one of them. You don’t like this job and yet you feel trapped in it. But before you think about quitting that job, it is fair that you understand why you feel the way you do about your job.

For a job you hate, everyday you wake up will seem like a struggle. Starting from the time you wake up from your bed to the time you board a bus to your office. Most time you worry about how dreadful the next day at work is going to be even as the current day is already turning out to be a long one.

Having an idea of why you hate your job so much, you are able to know what you can change if it is possible. If there are things you can’t change, then you will know what to look out for in your next job hunt.

Let us now take a look at the reasons why people hate their job:

Why you hate your job

#1. There is no challenged. This can be as a result that you do not like the responsibility that you are being given in your work place. Or it could be that the clients you have to deal with on a daily basis does nothing but tries you patience. But we are not talking about these types of challenges because you don’t need any form of development to become better at them.

Reason why people volunteer

Reason why people volunteer

Reason why people volunteer

If there are no volunteers then the nonprofit sector will not flourish. Every nonprofit organizations and charities makes use of the help of volunteers one way or the other. Most times, the board members of these organizations work without expecting any forms of compensation. In most of these nonprofit organizations, the workers do both the work and pay the bills.

In cases where these organizations pay their staffs, their volunteers still offer valuable services. Organizations that depend on volunteers need them to mount the phone lines for emergency calls, provide tutors, coach youth teams and help in many other functions. If someone will have to manage a nonprofit organization, that person must learn how to work with volunteers.

Understanding people that are volunteers you get to see that they are the people with lots of spare time and are looking for something to do. There is a perception that in the past women gave up their workplace to give their energies to charity. Though this is in the past, women are still known to volunteer more than men in this present time.

Survey shows that the age groups of women that volunteer are between the age group of 35 and 44. These are the age group of women that are known to be balancing career with their family needs. This is apart from other personal needs like taking care of their aged parents, maintaining a healthy life and keeping up with their social circle.

Why people don’t listen

Why people find it difficult to listen and pay attention

Why people don’t listenWhy is it that people find it hard to listen? This is because they just don’t listen. Listening is a skill and to be able to develop this skill one has to first learn how to pay attention. If you want to learn how to develop this skill, you will first learn why you find it hard to listen.

One of the reasons why people find it hard to listen is that they prefer to do the talking. Their psychology is wired in a way that they feel it is more attractive to be the one being listened to than to do the listening. This is why people seem to like doing the talking rather than listening.

Another reason why people love to talk rather than listen is because it is a way that they satisfy their unmet needs. For those seeking a sense of identity, they prefer talking to as to attract attention to themselves.

Talking rather that listening seems to give the talker the power in the conversation. They have the power to steer the discussion to any direction they wish.

Talking is a way that people tend use in achieving a goal. With talking rather than listening, the talker can be able to direct the listeners to do the things they want them to do. The person doing the talking can be able to keep the agenda of discussion to their own favor, preventing others from talking about things that are of no interest to them.

How to booster a healthy relationship

How can one booster a healthy relationship? A healthy relationship is not something that can just fall out of the sky; both partners need to work together in other to achieve that happiness that they desire.

Even when partners have succeeded in starting a healthy relationship, both need to give it a boost every now and then. Sometimes in a relationship, both parties feel disconnected from each other; it is like their relationship has gotten stale. It is at this time that the relationship might need a boost.

To be able to booster the relationship, both of you will have to seek for ways to do things that you both enjoy doing. Simple things like taking a walk, going on a vacation, talking about the relationship and why both of you want to remain in the relationship can help booster your relationship and keep it healthy.

Steps like this and a continuous healthy behavior towards yourselves will keep the relationship healthy and both of you happy.

It is also important that both of you should know that your happiness does not solely depend on your partner. Finding happiness in yourself will give you the confidence to face the relationship and this can enable you give your relationship the boost it needs.

does true love really exist

The characteristics of a healthy relationship

healthy relationship

What are the characteristics of a healthy relationship? A relationship is about to people coming together to form a union to achieve a common goal which is most time to be happy. For a relationship to be healthy partners must learn to communicate effectively. An effective communication in a relationship is often witnessed in both partners being on the same page on issues most of the time.

Let us now take a look at how one can create and maintain a healthy relationship:

Characteristics of a healthy relationship

In a healthy relationship, partners are not scared to voice out their opinion when something is bothering either of them rather than holding it down.

Partners take respecting each other’s feelings and wishes as a priority. This is another secret of maintaining a healthy relationship. Both parties are aware that their significant other is doing all they can to make them happy. It is this mutual respect for each other that makes the relationship healthy.

Disagreements are natural parts of any relationship and it is also important in keeping the relationship alive and healthy. Despite the argument in a relationship, partners are able to come to a common ground and have a compromise. Solving a conflict in a healthy relationship means that both parties will have to be fair and rational in their decisions.

Why people choose to stay in an abusive relationship

How to help a friend or family member in an abusive relationship

Abuse in relationship

Sometimes, it can be very difficult for you to understand when your friend refuses to leave an abusive relationship. Most times people are quick to judge and condemn the decision of this person. But rather than judge this person, what you should be doing is to support this person and try to understand the reasons behind their decisions.

Watching a friend suffer in an abusive relationship can be very troublesome and scary and this can leave many people confused to the extent that they don’t know how to help. Leaving an abusive relation lies alone in the decision of the abused to put an end to it. But before then, here are some tips of what to do to help your friend stay safe.

What you need to know about abuse in relationships

Watching your friend or family member being abused in their relationship gives you your own point of view but what you should know is that the abused have their own point of view. There are different reasons why a person might be abused and they still choose to remain in the relationship.

Sometimes they might have been told that they are the cause of the abuse or they are scare of leaving due to one reason or the other. But whatever may be the case, what your friend needs at that point in time is your support. Though they might not look like they really need it, but they do need your support and understanding more than ever.

Why people choose to stay in an abusive relationship

Why people choose to stay in an abusive relationship?

Why people choose to stay in an abusive relationship

Why do people, most especially men abuse their partner? Why do people choose to stay in an abusive relationship? In a relationship, the abusive partner most times assumes that he has the right to exercise control over the person that he is dating. The abusive partner thinks that he knows best and should be the one in control.

People like this normally think that because they are the man in the relationship, the oldest or the most popular among their social circle, they should be the one with the power. To them inequality in a relationship is ideal.

Personally, I don’t think that anyone was born abusive, this is a character that someone can learn either by witnessing it while growing up, most times from the parents, they hang out with friends that are abusive or are in a societal circle where it is a popular culture.

But no matter the reason why a person developed this behavior, it can never be justified to be abusive to anyone. They are those that have experienced abuse while they were growing up that they have decided that they would never abuse someone. That is to tell you that being abusive is a choice that a person has to make – and it is not one that anyone should make because no one likes being abused.

Why do people become racist?

Why do people become racist?

Why do people become racist?Why do people become racists? What are the events that take place in the life of a person before they become racist? These are some of the questions people ask most of the time.

It is said that we are all born equal and that means that we are all the same. Science has never proven that there are any biological differences between any race or colour. That is to say that no race can claim that they are more superior that the other race.

But that being said, this does not stop people from displaying racist attitudes and why is this? We are going to find out.

Why people become racists.

They take on the opinion of people around them.

A strong contributing factor to who we become as adults is how our minds were shaped when we were young. Should you grow up in a family that has racist issues, it can be very easy for you to take on their views and grow up with this mindset.

If people like this do not take serious steps to change their perception, then it might stay with them all their life and they are likely to pass this hate down to their children and future generations.

married women lose interest in sex

3 reasons why married women lose interest in sex

married women lose interest in sex

What are the reasons why married women lose interest in sex over time? Sex is an important and critical factor that makes a healthy and happy marriage and yet many women are finding themselves losing interest in being intimate with their husbands.

Sometimes it is thought that situations like these are witnessed in marriages that are having hard times, but you should know that situations like this are also witnessed even in the happiest marriages.

With studies being carried out, the reasons behind these problems have been known to be the same and common in most marriages. We would now take a look at these three reasons, explain them and talk about ways that we can use to change them.

#1. Low overall satisfaction in life

Sometime people might think that the main reason why married women lose interest in being intimate with their husband has a lot to do with their relationship. But it might be surprising to let you know that one of the causes is often unrelated to relationship issues.

It is possible that women are very happy with their spouse but when it comes to their lives in general, they aren’t much happy. Many factors can contribute to their unhappy state ranging from life stress to work overload down to the everyday predictable life of being married.

Why Job Interviews and Sales Calls Fail

The One Reason Why Job Interviews and Sales Calls Fail

Why Job Interviews and Sales Calls Fail

When it comes to sales, it is not an easy endeavor to undertake. Whether it is about selling a product to a consumer, yourself as a job candidate or selling your company to an investor, it is never an easy trip.

But when we look at the reason why sales fail, whichever area of sale, we get to see that the factor or person to blame is you.

You did not succeed in selling yourself or your idea does not mean that you are not good enough. It is possible that you can be the sales person of the year in your firm or you can have that killer resume that gets any job position.

But one reason why many sales fail is because the person selling is so busy thinking about their goal which is to sell and not thinking about what the consumer or buyer really wants.

You have to stop asking what it is you stand to gain from the sales and start thinking of what the buyer wants. Many sellers are so busy thinking of their personal gains and what the buyer wants is secondary on their mind. Their need to succeed outweighs the need of the investor.

Why people fail to follow a diet

Reason why people fail to follow a diet

Why people fail to follow a dietWhy do people decide to go on a diet? They do so because they want the best for themselves; they have probably desired a healthy weight and have decided to work on themselves to achieve that size. With this clear picture, they can be determined to achieve it no matter what.

But setting up a target for yourself and following it for a few days might sound easy but it is not that easy. This can come if you have a slow metabolism which can slow down the pace at which you lose weight.

There are lots of reasons why people fail to follow the diet they set for themselves in other to lose weight and we are going to be taking a look at five of them in this article.

Why people don’t follow the diet they set for themselves

#1. They are too hard on themselves

This is one reason why people fail to follow a diet. They tend to put themselves on a tough spot and this is why they tend to burnout easily. Initially your diet was made of mostly fast foods and sugary products, then one day you wake up one morning to switch to strictly fruits and vegetables. This will put your body in a tough spot and it will be very difficult for you to adapt.

reason why couples fight

The reason why couples fight

reason why couples fight

Why do couples fight so much? What causes the misunderstanding that makes couples fight all the time? When you put out questions like this to people, the common response you get is that it can either be because of money or sex. But when you get to look at whatever might be the cause, you get to see that one partner is not getting something they want, something they see as a scarce commodity.

But checking most of the reason, money seems to be the one that tops the list. But that being said, we will be looking at facts about this misunderstanding and how to go about it.

Facts about fighting in couples

Finance in a family setting is an important topic just as they are many other important topics like taking out the trash cans and washing of dishes. Division of labor in a family setting is rarely 50/50 and when it comes to the issue of money, one partner might take up the role of making and managing it while the other takes up the role of spending the money. Continue reading