Why do people become racist?

Why do people become racist?

Why do people become racist?Why do people become racists? What are the events that take place in the life of a person before they become racist? These are some of the questions people ask most of the time.

It is said that we are all born equal and that means that we are all the same. Science has never proven that there are any biological differences between any race or colour. That is to say that no race can claim that they are more superior that the other race.

But that being said, this does not stop people from displaying racist attitudes and why is this? We are going to find out.

Why people become racists.

They take on the opinion of people around them.

A strong contributing factor to who we become as adults is how our minds were shaped when we were young. Should you grow up in a family that has racist issues, it can be very easy for you to take on their views and grow up with this mindset.

If people like this do not take serious steps to change their perception, then it might stay with them all their life and they are likely to pass this hate down to their children and future generations.

They rarely mix up with other people.

It is natural for us to want to spend time with people that share the same interest, background, culture and language with us. This is because in their company, you feel like you are part of something.

But the disadvantages of hanging out alone with people of similar interest is that you tend to have a weird feeling when you hangout with people of different race and background. This kind of strange feeling makes you think that your race are better than others.

Racists are quick to judge.

Many of us as a matter of fact are guilty of this one. We are quick to judge people that we perceive to be different from us. Stereotyping people based on race and background means that you’ve judged a whole group without getting to know them. But if we are to come close to people, we might find out the there isn’t much that differentiates them from us.

They find a way to blame others for their problems.

When people are angry and frustrated, it is easier for them to look for someone there can put the blame on. The ones that fall prey to this situation are those that we perceive to be different from us with the way they behave or talk. This is something that is very visible in our everyday life.

Should there be an excuse for racism?

There can never be any justified reason why a person should despise another. It is wrong and should never be condoned. Nobody should ever be treated badly because they are perceived to be different. Racism is not only about it being against the law, it is morally wrong.

Think for a moment that you wake up one morning and you find your family members and friends despising you for being different. I don’t think that this feeling is something anyone will love to experience. Racism is bad and wrong and all should work together in putting a stop to it.

married women lose interest in sex

3 reasons why married women lose interest in sex

married women lose interest in sex

What are the reasons why married women lose interest in sex over time? Sex is an important and critical factor that makes a healthy and happy marriage and yet many women are finding themselves losing interest in being intimate with their husbands.

Sometimes it is thought that situations like these are witnessed in marriages that are having hard times, but you should know that situations like this are also witnessed even in the happiest marriages.

With studies being carried out, the reasons behind these problems have been known to be the same and common in most marriages. We would now take a look at these three reasons, explain them and talk about ways that we can use to change them.

#1. Low overall satisfaction in life

Sometime people might think that the main reason why married women lose interest in being intimate with their husband has a lot to do with their relationship. But it might be surprising to let you know that one of the causes is often unrelated to relationship issues.

It is possible that women are very happy with their spouse but when it comes to their lives in general, they aren’t much happy. Many factors can contribute to their unhappy state ranging from life stress to work overload down to the everyday predictable life of being married.

Many women do not realize that their general unhappiness is contributing factor to their libido being low.

When women start their relationship with their man, they get lots of dreams and aspirations of how they want their family to be. After getting married and the honeymoon is over, they are faced with the harsh realities of life and this takes away the former excitement they once had. Both parties will have to go out of the house to make money and provide for the family leaving little time for intimacy. When they are back from work, they don’t do anything else but to eat and sleep.

Since these women are faced with strong challenges in life, sex with their husband loses its first place in their lists of priorities. Women have to keep up with the demanding role of being a mother and being a wife to their husband.

This is very common with mothers of young children. They feel overly touched by their children or have a sensory overload and this can make them turn down their husband touching them at night.

Men forget what it’s like to date their woman after marriage.

Before the kids came, all she had was you and you both spent quality time together. Men most times forget what it was like dating their woman when they were single. You should let someone take care of the kids while you take your wife on a romantic trip. Spend quality time alone with her while adding a little twist and fun to your relationship.

Do something new, something unusual. Help her forget her everyday problem and remember what it was like when you were both single.

#2. The relationship lacks excitement.

Doing the same things over and over again, women are bound to get tired and bored with time. Same old routines in marriage mean that the relationship will lack excitement.

Marriage provides partners the opportunity to learn about their partner and it gets to the situation when partners are able to predict almost every action of their partner. The familiarity makes partner not to feel weird taking off their clothes in front of their partners. Though this is a good sign that both parties are bonding, the lack of adventure in a relationship will reduce the desire in the marriage.

When you brain is very aware of what is to come next, it does not bother to worry and this does not bring any excitement into the picture. But when we want to explain the phenomenon behind desire, biologically it is fueled by the increase in the dopamine level in the brain and this is the case in response to anticipation and excitement.

When women were dating their men in their single days, relationships were full of flirting, uncertainty and suspense. Those things are what many marriages lack today and it is killing the buzz in women.

To deal with this, you have to bring back the thrill in your relationship with your wife. You should try something new in your sex life. You should learn different positions in love making, foreplay also adds to the thrill. The men should learn to take care of themselves to stay attractive to their wives. Though she loves you but it would not hurt if you hit the gym and take care of your body.

#3. Women don’t feel attractive.

How a woman thinks and feels can be somewhat complicated. Their desire in a relationship is not just about intimacy, but they also want to feel needed.

There are women that are not comfortable with their anatomy whenever they stand in front of a mirror. Women that are not very comfortable with themselves have little desire for sex.

But when women feel sexy and attractive, they tend to find sex gratifying and not another chore to be done. The key to this is to make your wife know how much you love her. Make her feel needed and attractive. Let her understand that she is beautiful and you will always love her.

Realistically speaking, the love husbands and wives share in marriage is not always about sex. When people realize this, they won’t be much obsessed with sex.

Being able to enjoy sex means that both partners will have to realize that it is a means of expressing love for each other and start treating it as such.

Why Job Interviews and Sales Calls Fail

The One Reason Why Job Interviews and Sales Calls Fail

Why Job Interviews and Sales Calls Fail

When it comes to sales, it is not an easy endeavor to undertake. Whether it is about selling a product to a consumer, yourself as a job candidate or selling your company to an investor, it is never an easy trip.

But when we look at the reason why sales fail, whichever area of sale, we get to see that the factor or person to blame is you.

You did not succeed in selling yourself or your idea does not mean that you are not good enough. It is possible that you can be the sales person of the year in your firm or you can have that killer resume that gets any job position.

But one reason why many sales fail is because the person selling is so busy thinking about their goal which is to sell and not thinking about what the consumer or buyer really wants.

You have to stop asking what it is you stand to gain from the sales and start thinking of what the buyer wants. Many sellers are so busy thinking of their personal gains and what the buyer wants is secondary on their mind. Their need to succeed outweighs the need of the investor.

For there to be change in your life and to improve how you sell yourself and your ideas, you need to shift grounds from the regular attitude and mindset to a new one. Your workforce has to change their approach from old school to a more innovative approach.

No matter what you intend to achieve, be you a applicant or a salesperson, you have to first figure out how you can satisfy the other person’s needs. You also have to prove that you are the right person to fill that need.

Stop thinking that your desire to pass an interview is about getting the job; see it as winning an opportunity to provide a service. Thinking about yourself and what you stand to gain alone is a selfish approach it will make success on your side quite difficult.

This is also the same when you are making a sales call. Many sales personnel approach a potential customer with a mindset of what they stand to gain if they make the sale; the sale and the commission that comes with it.

But when you look at the situation from both sides of the view, you get to see a lot of misunderstanding and misconception from both the seller and the potential buyer.

When you approach a potential buyer, they know that you are a sales person and you plan on selling them something, it is expected. But the most important part of your approach to them is their need to know why what you offer is what they need. She has problems and she needs someone to solve them, the only way you can make sales or land that deal is to offer solution and prove that you are the right person to solve those problems.

I know that this might sound kind of weird and it is not everyone that might agree to what I am saying, but let be clarify. It is quite understandable that the sales will serve your own purpose as well. You need that sale because you need the commission that comes with the sales to live a comfortable life. So it is with landing that job, the pay is what takes care of the bills.

Should you succeed in this endeavor, it is obvious what you stand to gain. This is why you should forget about what it is you stand to gain and focus on what the other person wants. This is because your ability to prove that you are worthy to fill their need is the only way to get that which you desire.

So finding out that this is the problem means that we have to change the way we think about making sales and how do we do that? It is about asking questions and not telling. Whenever you are faced with a situation where you have to sell yourself or something, start by asking what the other person wants. Seeking how to satisfy the other person’s needs first gives you a head start and provides you a clear vision of which direction to follow to achieve your aim.

Whichever way a sale goes, it is all about both parties winning at the end. You sell yourself or product and earn your money and the buyer have their needs met. But before this can happen, the power initially lies with the person making the payment. Until you are able to prove to them that you are worthy of them dipping their hands into their pocket, they are never going to do so.

In your firm, you deserve raise if you firm benefits from your contribution to them. This can be possible when you constantly improve yourself to be a better staff. Your organization have needs, start by asking the management their biggest pain point and list suggestions on how you can be if assistance to solving those problems. For trying to win an investor, start by asking them how your firm can be of service to them to help them solve their needs.

Don’t think that this advice that is stated here is very easy to implement, no it is not. If it were that easy, then it means that you have the secret of landing every sale you attempt and getting every job you apply for. Putting people’s needs first before your own is not that easy, it is an art that requires a great shift in mindset. But should you be able to master this art, you stand a greater chance of being of great benefit for others. This means that selling on your part shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Why people fail to follow a diet

Reason why people fail to follow a diet

Why people fail to follow a dietWhy do people decide to go on a diet? They do so because they want the best for themselves; they have probably desired a healthy weight and have decided to work on themselves to achieve that size. With this clear picture, they can be determined to achieve it no matter what.

But setting up a target for yourself and following it for a few days might sound easy but it is not that easy. This can come if you have a slow metabolism which can slow down the pace at which you lose weight.

There are lots of reasons why people fail to follow the diet they set for themselves in other to lose weight and we are going to be taking a look at five of them in this article.

Why people don’t follow the diet they set for themselves

#1. They are too hard on themselves

This is one reason why people fail to follow a diet. They tend to put themselves on a tough spot and this is why they tend to burnout easily. Initially your diet was made of mostly fast foods and sugary products, then one day you wake up one morning to switch to strictly fruits and vegetables. This will put your body in a tough spot and it will be very difficult for you to adapt.

This type of sudden changes in life doesn’t usually end well. No matter the diet you put yourself on, it is okay to spoil yourself once in a while. If you try to force yourself to stick to these changes all of a sudden and your body goes into starvation mode, it might be quite difficult for you to resist the food you use to eat.

Change of diet is something that is implemented slowly for it to stick overtime. Making lifestyle changes abruptly have most times failed.

#2. People fail to keep track of their progress.

This is another common reason why people fail to keep up to the diet they set for themselves. Not keeping track of the progress you made so far can discourage you. But when you keep track, you are able to know how much weight you lost over time and this will keep you motivated, knowing that you are making progress. For any endeavor in life, not keeping track of how much progress you’ve made will make you feel like all you efforts are in vain and that includes weight loss.

#3. They only focus on diet as a means of weight loss.

Many people that wants to lose weight sometimes stick to dieting alone to get the desired result. But if you desire to get an impressive amount of weight loss in a short period of time, then dieting alone cannot get you that. Because you stuck to dieting alone as your only means of weight loss, you might be discouraged overtime if you do not lose your desired amount of pounds.

To be able to see significant result, you need to combine weight loss with healthy lifestyles changes. People just stick to weight loss while forgetting other two important factors like good quality night sleep and regular exercises.

#4. They don’t have anyone to support and encourage them.

For every endeavor one takes on in life, it can be quite encouraging when you have family and friends around to encourage you. Not having anyone around to tell you how good you are doing can be very discouraging.

At times when you feel like giving up, you need someone to provide you that moral support and encourage you to carry on. Family and friends will also support you by doing all in their power to keep you dedicated to the regime you set for yourself. They might not mind making some family dietary changes to suit your needs just to encourage you.

#5. People lose focus on their diet because they lack ambition.

Deciding to lose that pound and get to normal weight is something that demands ambition and decisiveness. This is because being overweight means that you are faces with a constant battle to lose those unwanted pounds. It is not only about losing those pounds but after achieving normal weight you are face with the battle of preventing a rebound effect.

Lack of ambition in your quest to lose weight means that you might give up too easily when faced with a little challenge or delays in results. Many people give up even before the race starts and this is a sign that they lack the motivation and focus in the first place.

Finally on losing weight through dieting

For you to set a diet and stick to it for the optimum result, you have to prevent these common mistakes that people make. Remember that transition from your regular diet is a gradual process and should not be a sudden one. Even when you make these changes, it is okay to spoil yourself once in a while so as to prevent you going into starvation mode.

Remember to keep track of your progress by checking your weight biweekly. This will help you see significant results and encourage you to continue. Don’t be obsessed with checking your weight daily because you might be discouraged.

While you have decided to stick to a diet, remember that you need to combine dieting with other good lifestyles like good rests and regular exercise if you want to see a good result.

Ask your friends and family members to support you because it is easier to thrive in a supportive and conducive environment.

And finally, be focused and determined to stick to your program no matter what. Remember that weight loss is not a process that produces magic and fast results; you need to take it gently and give it time. Don’t give up just about when you are about to start seeing results. With this guides you are sure to see results of your hard work with time.

reason why couples fight

The reason why couples fight

reason why couples fight

Why do couples fight so much? What causes the misunderstanding that makes couples fight all the time? When you put out questions like this to people, the common response you get is that it can either be because of money or sex. But when you get to look at whatever might be the cause, you get to see that one partner is not getting something they want, something they see as a scarce commodity.

But checking most of the reason, money seems to be the one that tops the list. But that being said, we will be looking at facts about this misunderstanding and how to go about it.

Facts about fighting in couples

Finance in a family setting is an important topic just as they are many other important topics like taking out the trash cans and washing of dishes. Division of labor in a family setting is rarely 50/50 and when it comes to the issue of money, one partner might take up the role of making and managing it while the other takes up the role of spending the money. Continue reading

follow your dream

Reasons why you should follow your dream

follow your dream

Everyone have got dreams and desires but it is not every one that do all it takes to follow their dreams and possibly live their dream. Some people prefer to live the mediocre life because they think that it is safe and secured. If you find yourself being among these categories of people or make up one or more legit reasons not to follow your dreams, then I am here to convince you to make a change. I want to provide you with reasons why you should not only live your days in imagination and fantasies of the life you desire to live, but to go ahead and live them.

Let us now take a look at 10 reasons why you should live your dream:

#1. Your dreams give you a reason to live and continue to fight.

Life itself is not something that one will always find smooth and lovely. You sometimes get the good days and other times you have the worst days, but when you have dreams and aspirations, you are able to hold on to them to get you through your worst days.

When you are fighting for something, it is your dreams that keep you going and fighting on. Even when you fail, it is your dream that wakes you up in the morning and gives you more than one reason to try again. A man without dreams is like someone that is lost and without focus. It is your dreams that give you more than one reason to continue living and striving on.

#2. You have the opportunity to meet people of like mind.

If you have a dream and you are passionate about it and work towards it, you have the opportunity to meet people of like minds and interests. And the more you mix with people with similar interest and those possibly better than you, you have the opportunity to go higher and improve yourself. Even when you meet those worst days and failures and you feel like giving up, it is those people that will encourage you and inspire you to continue.

#3. Your determination can act as an inspiration to others.

If you don’t have any reason to follow your dreams allow me suggest one to you; how about becoming a beacon of hope and a source of inspiration to others. This is what you can be when you decide to follow your dreams. People will look up to you and will want you to be their coach and mentor them. You will serve as an example and a source of inspiration even when they feel like giving up on their dreams.

#4. You can become a success.

A motivated person is capable achieving more than they initially planned on doing. Setting your site at getting to your destination and achieving your dreams, you can become a success and provide for the people that depend on you. Though it is not that easy always when you are working towards your dreams but when you get to where you are going, it always makes the gains worth the stress.

#5. Doing something that you are not passionate about is boring.

Let us assume that you are doing a job that you are not passionate about and does not contribute to you achieving your dream, you will discover that you wake up every day angry and demotivated and that jobs becomes boring. But when you are pursuing your dreams and doing something that you are passionate about, you will discover that your days will be fun and you will enjoy everything you do.

#6. Your dreams are yours and yours alone; nobody will pursue them for you.

Everyone have their individual dreams and aspirations and they are working towards their own goals. So you do not expect anyone to leave their dreams and start chasing yours. Yours dreams are yours alone; so if you do not work towards achieving them, no one will. If you succeed in achieving them, the glory will be yours and you will be the one to enjoy it.

#7. You have the chance to be happy.

A life without dream is like a life without focus, and this can be very depressing. So having a dream and pursuing it can make you happy and achieving that dream can make you happier. So you have to make a decision to start pursuing your dream for a more fulfilled life.

#8. You can prove your critics wrong.

When you have a dream and tell some people, there are those that will tell you that your dreams are impossible to achieve. But when you follow your dreams and achieve them, you have the opportunity to prove them wrong.

#9. You can be proud of yourself and make your loved ones proud of you.

Having a dream and going after it gives you something to be proud of even while chasing it and when you achieve it. Sometimes, people around you might not support your dreams because they don’t understand it and how you see those dreams. But when you achieve them, your parents and loved ones will have no other option but to be proud of you.

This will also increase your confidence level in yourself and your ability to set goals for yourself and achieve them. There is so much joy in desiring something, going out to get those things and finally getting them.

#10. You have one life to live.

This is your life and you’ve got only one chance to live it the way you want. Don’t you think that it would make so much sense if you live that life doing something you love? It is time for you to realize this and start living your life to the fullest and being happy doing something you are passionate about.

why you are losing your hair

20 reasons why you are losing your hair

why you are losing your hair

Sometimes you might be asking yourself or your friend why your hair is falling out. Well we are going to be looking at 20 of those reasons why people’s hair break.

When men lose their hair, there is no much worry about it because it is expected that men are more likely to lose their hair than women.

But just like men, thinning hair and hair loss are also common in women. There are various reasons why a person can lose their hair and it can range from   vitamin deficiency to underlying health conditions.

It all depends on cases but there are different ways of treating both male of female hair loss. The cause of the hair loss determines the kind of treatment it receives. But before then, let us take a look at the causes of hair loss.

Physical stress:

The life cycle of the hair has three phases and they are the growth phase, the rest phase and the shedding phase. Any form of stressful event like a surgery, a car accident, even a severe illness or one as minor as a flu can send a shock to the hair cycle, causing some to go into shedding phase.

The good news is that your hair can return back to normal and grow once your body recovers.


Pregnancy can add to another form of physical stress which can lead to hair loss. Hair loss is also very common after birth than when pregnant, this is because, giving birth can be quite traumatic to the woman.

But because you lost your hair due to child bearing does not mean that it will not grow back. Normal growth usually comes back after a couple of months after child birth.

Taking excess vitamin A:

When you overdo medication that contains vitamin A and thereby causing an excess of it in the body, it can lead to hair loss. This form of hair loss is quite reversible once the excess vitamin A intake is halted. The normal dosage for vitamin A supplement is 5,000 IU for adults and for children in can between contain 2,500 to 10,000 I. (Source: American Academy of Dermatology)

Lack of protein can cause hair loss:

When you do not consume enough protein that your body needs, your body can begin to ration protein thereby denying hair growth the required amount of protein it needs. This is usually visible after two to three months of protein shortage in the body and can be reversed by eating foods that are great sources of protein.

Genetic and hormonal reasons:

It is normal for men to begin to loss hair about the time they turn 60. This is known as male-pattern baldness. This can be caused by both hormonal and genetic reasons. To cure this, you can make use of creams minoxidil (Rogaine) or oral medications like finasteride (Propecia). This can cure and halt hair loss and even encourage hair to grow.


Just like men, women have their own female-patter hair loss. Therefore, if you come from a family where women get to start losing their hair at a certain age, then you are most likely to experience the same thing.

Women can benefit like men from the use of minoxidil (Rogaine) which is available over the counter and approved for women that experience this form of hair loss.

Female hormone:

Just like women can experience hair loss when they are pregnant, they can also experience it when they switch to birth control pills or go off it. It is likely noticeable in women with family history of hair loss.

The hormonal changes that take place in the body of women can be a serious contributing factor to hair loss. When you notice hair loss when you start a new medication or stopped taking one, you should talk to your doctor for proper advice.

Emotional stress:

Emotional stress is most likely to cause hair loss than physical stress. And this is the case when a woman experience divorce, death of a loved one and any situation that can cause emotional stress.

The only way to deal with this case is to try and reduce any form of stress and anxiety, either by talking to a therapist or by doing a little bit of exercise.


This is another cause of hair loss and it is due to iron deficiency in the body. With proper medical diagnosis, one can get to know is anemia is the cause of their hair loss and this can be combated with the use of iron supplements.

Vitamin B deficiency:

Though it is very uncommon, the deficiency of vitamin B can lead to hair loss and can be combated with vitamin B supplements. Eating foods that are rich in vitamin B like fish, vegetables and non-citrus fruits can also help.

Autoimmune-related hair loss:

When you have an over-active immune system, they might view the hair as a foreign body and attack it by mistake. Consult your doctor for treatment when you observe an unusual hair loss.


Doctors can test to determine this case which has to do with having an underactive thyroid gland. This gland is responsible for metabolism and for growth and development. This is why when they are not active, can lead to hair loss.

There are medications your doctors can offer you to return your thyroid gland back to normal and once they are back to normal, your hair growth should return back to normal.


This is another form of hair loss that can happen as a result if an over active immune systems. The difference between lupus and others is that its damage to hair loss is a permanent one. The only solution after treatment is to seek for ways to camouflage the damage done to the hair.

Dramatic weight loss:

Whether the weight loss is for good or for bad, sudden weight loss can lead to hair loss which can last for about six months before the body adjusts to the new weight and return back to normal growth.

The stress that the body experience as the cause of the weight loss, be it exercise or eating disorders can cause hair loss.


The drugs that are used in chemotherapy are used to target rapidly dividing cells and hair cells happen to fall into that category. This is why chemotherapy can lead to hair loss. But the good news is that your hair should come back to normal after the chemotherapy is over but this time it might have different color and texture.

Polycystic ovary syndrome:

This is another imbalance in male and female sex hormones and among many other symptoms that can result from this imbalance, hair thinning is among them. And treating to correct this imbalance can help your hair grow back normally. Methods of treatment include diet, exercise, and some treatments on infertility and diabetes.

Antidepressants, blood thinners, and more:

There are some medications one can take that may lead to hair thinning and breakage. Some of those drugs are known as beta blockers and they can be used as blood thinners or blood pressure drugs. They are other known drugs that can lead to hair breakage. All you need to do when you notice hair breakage after starting a medication is to consult your doctor to indentify which drugs is causing it so as to find an alternative.


Styling and treatment of hair is a beauty activity that can be carried out for years and after those years, your hair can begin to break and fall out. There are some styling and hair relaxers and harsh chemicals that are used to treat your hair and this can cause your hair to break over a period of time.

To avoid this scenario, try to heat driven products not more than once a week. After every shampoo, ensure that you apply conditioner. This will delay and limit the amount of time it takes for the curling iron to come in contact with your hair.


It is quite normal for women in their 50s and 60s to start experiencing hair loss and thinning. Though researchers are still trying to finding out why this is so but until then, women can use styling and wigs to cover up those thin spots. And apart from that, they are so many tricks that women in the 50s can learn to prevent hair breakage and loss.

body attracts mosquitoes

9 reasons why your body attracts mosquitoes

body attracts mosquitoes

Discoveries about mosquitoes show that they are picky creatures. Ever wonder why in the midst of a group of people, some will be fight to cover themselves from these blood sucking creatures while the rest remain unscathed.

There have been different researches on why mosquitoes seem attracted to some people and here are nine of the discoveries made so far.

You breathe:

What we should all know is that no one is immune to mosquito attack unless you are dead. Researches carried out by scientists over the last three decades show that one of the attracting factors for mosquitoes is carbon dioxide. Mosquitoes seem to fly to areas where there are higher concentrations of CO2. That is to say that there is a possibility of seeing lots of mosquitoes in places where they are larger concentration of people. When mosquitoes get to this location, they use other sights and smells to locate their target.

Your height:

The size of a person is another reason why they are more prone to mosquito attacks than others around them. Being large means that they produce more carbon dioxide and more body heat and this is what makes a person more attractive to mosquitoes. Ever wonder why adults tend to be attacked more by mosquitoes than children and men than women.

Because you are pregnant:

Apart from other pregnancy symptoms like swollen legs and morning sickness, pregnant women have a higher rate of being bitten by mosquitoes that women that are not pregnant. Want to know why? It is because pregnant women produce higher carbon dioxide and body heat than women that are not expecting.

You exercise regularly:

During exercise, your body produces a chemical known as lactic acid and this acid is released through the sweat glands in your skin. There are studies that show that mosquitoes can detect this acid at close range.

You have a stinking feet:

There are studies that show that people with high concentration of bacteria by lower diversity tends to attract mosquitoes to themselves than those that are don’t. These bacteria in question are pungent and can be found in limburger cheese. It is these bacteria that have been used in Africa to attract mosquitoes and it has been known to be very effective.

You wear perfume:

Mosquitoes suck the nectar from flowers as a source of their energy, so this makes them to be attractive to some floral scents. What I am saying that there are some scents that attract mosquitoes and these scents can be in your perfume. Scientists are working hard to identify the scents that bests attract mosquitoes and how to use them to lure them.

Your genes contribute:

There are researches that have shown that people with a particular HLA gene stand a higher chance of being bitten by mosquitoes. Gene plays an important role in the makeup of a person and that includes body odor. This is why scientists are looking into the relationship between a person’s gene and their susceptibility to mosquito bites.

You consume a lot of beer:

Though it has not been made clear the connection between the amount of beer taken and susceptibility to mosquitoes, but according to the Journal of the American Mosquito Association, beer increases the chances of being bitten by mosquitoes.

Having an O blood type:

Though this one is still under debate but there are published journals that show that people with blood O type are more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes. There are some other scientists that have faulted this publication faulting the research based on bad statistics.

The real reason why kids fidget

The real reason why kids fidget: Causes

The real reason why kids fidgetWhat are the real reasons why children fidget? Why is it that children cannot stop moving even for a short period of time? Fidgeting is a problem that have been found in schools today and this is what we are going to be looking at in this article, the main causes of fidgeting in children.

They have been so many problems with this present time when children can hardly sit still for a long period of time. Parents are so worried of this trend and it is making them sad and worried. When situations like this occur in a kid at school, the first thing they would want to test the kid for is ADHD. Fidgeting in students is something that is not proper before teachers and school authorities.

They are some kids that come back home with sad faces because they were punished at school for bad behavior; and what is the behavior? They can’t stop moving. Their inability to control their movement is constantly brought to their attention that it is unacceptable.

This constant reminder tends to have a negative toll on their esteem and parents don’t seem to be happy about this. Your child’s esteem been affected negatively because he or she needs to move more often.

From the past decades till this time, the trend of children not being able to pay attention and possibly thought to be ADHD has been on the increase. Studies show that about 30% of students in elementary schools have problem paying attention on a daily basis.

Now coming to the real cause of fidgeting in kids in this present time, you get to see that children are required to sit in an upright position more often these days. Those days where children were children climb trees and hills for fun are slowly passing by.

The demand for educational perfection is on the increase and this has resulted to lesser time for breaks and recess. Out of fear for what parents might do, children are so scared of playing outside these days. The modern day society is negatively affecting children’s ability to move more often and have fun.

So when you look at these facts, you will agree with me that children are moving less often these days and this is beginning to be a problem.

When you walk into library and observe children studying, you get to see most of them making one form of movement or the other even without them realizing this. Testing some of these kids, you get to see that some of them have poor core strength and balance.

When data on the core strength and balance of children in the 80s were compared to that of children of this time, you will discover that children of this time need to be allowed to move more often.

Due to restricted movement in this present time, you get to see that children develop poor vestibular (balance) systems. But for this problem to be corrected, children need to be allowed to move for few hours of the day. As a course of this movement in all direction, they can develop the core strength and balance that they need.

For them to benefit from a core strength and balance, they need to be allowed to move several times in a week. Having soccer practice once a week won’t make the cut of what is required to develop that strong sensory system.

The normal day for children is to get into class with an unprepared mind and they are expected to catch up immediately while paying proper attention in class. This cannot be possible when that sensory system is not working right or is not prepared to face the challenges that come with the day.

Children fidget naturally because it is the only way their body will get the movement that it desperately needs. And when teachers observe that a student is fidgeting, they ask the student to stop moving thereby sending the brain back to sleep.

Fidgeting in kids can be a real problem and it is a strong sign that a child is not getting the required amount of movement that their body needs. This problem is an issue that has to be fixed collectively both by school authorities and parents.

Recess and break time needs to be extended in schools. And when children come back from school, they need to be allowed to go out and play. Soccer practice once a week or 20 minutes break during school hours is not enough. The movement hours for kids needs to be extended to deal with fidgeting in kids.

parking spaces

Reason why rent is so expensive in cities

parking spacesA parking lot in downtown Los Angeles.  Jim Dalrymple II

Your location has a lot to do with how much you pay for rent. The higher the development in a community is, the higher its inhabitants have to pay as rent. This is why rent seems to be more expensive in cities.

A develop area means that there will be more people and more people means more cars and more cars means more parking spaces. Yes, it is this excessive need for parking spaces that have brought about an increase in rent in the cities.

I know many other factors contribute to rising costs of living in the cities but parking spaces are one of the significant of them. If this sounds a bit confusing to you, allow me explain how this works.

#1. The parking requirements to build an apartment

When you build an apartment, you have to take into consideration the parking needs of the tenants that will be living in that apartment.

Building a parking space is one of the requirements in building an apartment by the city laws. These requirements vary from city to city. Some cities require two parking spaces per apartment, while in others cities like L.A.’s Mid-Wilshire neighborhood the current regulation for parking spaces per apartment is 2.5.

For other cities that require multiple parking spaces, some apartment construction goes as far as constructing underground parking spaces.

#2. Building parking spaces makes apartment rent more expensive

The amount home owners and developers charge for rent and for sales is not just the cost of building the apartment alone but for every cost that comes with building that apartment and that includes those parking spaces.

It all depends on the city’s regulations on the construction of an apartment and the design that a building comes with. Should the developer decide to add a squash court to the apartment or the regulation states so, then it would definitely drive up the cost of rent.

So since building parking space is part of the city’s regulation, then building a parking space is a must and cost will be added to rent charge.

So as a tenant, paying your rent means that you are also paying for the cost of building a parking space whether you own a car or not. Ever wonder why buildings with underground parking lots are more expensive to live in; it is because it costs more to construct one.

#3. Parking spaces takes up spaces for building more apartments

Remember I earlier told you that developing cities means more people more people means more cars and you know what follows.

But when we have more people living in a city, then it means that the demand for accommodation will be on the rise and that rise will lead to increase in rent.

The increase in rent means that they are fewer houses available and one of the causes is that spaces that can be used for building more apartments have been used up in the construction of parking spaces.

Parking spaces have taken up spaces that can be used to build enough apartments to serve a growing city population. This has driven up the prices of rent in the available houses.

So many times, city councils have denied developer approval to build an amount of apartment because they were not enough available spaces for parking spaces. So you get what I mean.

#4. Do you think they is a solution?

Well I think that parking minimum for building should be eliminated. This is because it has been a major cause of driving the prices of rent up. Rather people should be asked to pay for parking according to their needs. This will create spaces for more buildings and bring down the rising cost of rent.

Yes this can be a nice idea. If you don’t have a car, you don’t have to pay as much rent as someone that owns several. And if you have several cars, then you can pay for parking according to your needs. I think this is fair.

Many cities and countries are eliminating parking minimums so as to combat the rising cost of rent. Though they are those that think that it would cause chaos because of the ever increasing number of cars on the road but cities that have already taken this step have not recorded any mismanagement since they eliminated parking minimums.

poverty as a cause of ebola

Poverty is the Real Reason Why Ebola is Spreading Fast

poverty as a cause of ebola

Stopping the spread of Ebola requires a lot of resources and a health care system that is fully functional.

Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia are the worst hit countries in West Africa. But if we are to look at the main cause of the fast spread of Ebola in these countries, what are we going to say is or are the causes.

Some people might say that it is lack of training or lack of information on transmission and prevention. There are those that think it is lack of proper containment, and others are thinking that it is due to the weak health care systems in these countries.

But when you look at all these reasons, you will see that it all boils down to poverty. Lack of money has been the major reason why the rest factors are progressing and are at a slow pace.

Many African countries are suffering from poverty and lack of basic infrastructures for self sustenance and the western world looked the other minding their own business. Though they have been some level of support financially but I don’t think they were enough.

Why many western countries looked the other way was because they never saw the poverty in African countries affecting them one way or the other.

But now that has Ebola has come into the picture, this virus has positioned itself as a main link and strong bridge between Africa and the rest of the world. It has turned the world’s focus on Africa and pushed them to spend unplanned amount of money in containing the spread of this virus.

The Ebola virus neither respect race nor color, so if the rest of the world does not do something fast, it is only a matter of time before they begin to get hit as hard as it has hit Africa. Though with a few cases in America and some countries in Europe, they are just beginning to get a little bit of the taste of how it is in these West African countries.

The financial budget on health per person in some West African countries is about $100 per person and it is much less in many other African countries. But in many western countries, budget on health per citizen is as high as $8000. How does one think that this less financial approach will not lead to a dilapidating health care system in African countries?

The research on cure, containment and treatment of Ebola as a disease can be very expensive. The lack of fund for this cause has been one of the major reasons why the spread can be hardly contained.

It is not only treatment and containment of this virus from spreading; it is also the proper training of medical staffs and proper gears to prevent them from being infected as a cause of treating infected patients.

Another serious issue that has increased the spread of the Ebola virus has been due to ignorance and lack of education.

Many African can countries have the highest rates of illiteracy in the world and this has made it more difficult for them to comprehend information on the spread of this virus.

Some of these remote villages don’t even know that a virus of this nature exist and even when you try to explain to them, they either don’t want to listen or they don’t understand. Even if they understand, adhering to these information and applying preventive measures is something they always don’t follow.

They are cases where remote villagers killed health workers that came to educate them on the spread of Ebola virus. Some of them don’t even believe that such exist.

So you see, apart from this Ebola case, the world has got to turn its attention on the state of the African continent. Because whether they know this or not, what happens in Africa affects and will affect them one way or the other.

Let us see this Ebola spread as a lesson to learn. I pray that we overcome it and find a cure; and after we are through with this epidemic, the world should not just look the other way and expect to respond only when they is another epidemic. Looking into the needs of African countries is as important as any other world issues because we are all part of this world. When one is affected, all is affected.

why people fall out of love

The reason why people fall out of love

why people fall out of love

What are the reasons why people fall out of love? When you put out questions like this, you get to have multiple answers like, maybe there were not right for each other, or they could have been fight and arguing a lot. Some others will tell you that it is because they were not having enough sex, there are those that think that it happens when you fall in love with another person.

There are tons of answers that you can get from different people but the main reason is what we are going to be looking at in this article.

After looking at different reasons why people fall out of love, we have come to the conclusion that people fall out of love because they are humans. Yes, I know that it sounds weird but the truth is that we humans are built to fall in and out of love.

When two people fall in love with each other, if they don’t have a healthy relationship and don’t have an understanding of what true love is all about, they are not likely to get back together when they fall out of love. But if they have had a healthy relationship and have a better understanding of what true love is all about, they tend to fall back deeply in love even after falling out of love with each other.

So trying to better understand this phenomenon, we get to see that falling in and out of love is just as cyclical as the tides of an ocean.

This is what is seen in a scenario where someone jumps ship at the first sign of falling out of love.

Asking people why they fell out of love with their former partner, we most times get response like “I wasn’t just in love anymore.” When a relationship is new, you get feelings like butterfly in the stomach, increased heart rate, and the exhilarating feelings. But when we fall out of love, we no longer have these feelings as we first did.

When you are in love with this person, he or she made life worth living for you, you wake up in the morning and it is their faces that you want to see because they make you happy. Now when you look at this person, all you see is a regular, flawed and sometimes an annoying human being.

Remember that at first emotions were high but now you don’t just have those feelings anymore for this person.

You know, sometimes I want to blame the media and the movies and the romance novels. The other time I feel like blaming it on the ignorance of us humans. Movies and media have so conditioned the mind of people to the extent that they think that emotions like these are for happily ever after. With this expectation in mind, they get shocked when the other side of the emotional experience springs up.

But let us assume for a while that you knew this would happen, that you were expecting it that they will come a time in your relationship when you will no longer feel those butter flies in your stomach. If you are informed that this might happen, then you will not be shocked when it does. You will not be quick to jump ship or make rational decisions.

There is good news in recognizing that it is normal to fall out of love in a relationship. Once this happens, it can give you a level of satisfaction as you learn and work towards sustaining the love you once shared with your partner. This skill can be quite necessary when you want to build a healthy marriage or a long term relationship.

There are those people that do not have problem loving effortlessly. It can be that this people grew up in a loving family or maybe they know how to naturally enact the laws of love and loving actions required for sustaining any relationship for a long period of time. But for the rest of us, we will be requiring some form of assistance to help us carry our relationship all the way.

What to do what you fall out of love

Since we have now discovered that we tend to fall out of love because we are humans and they is nothing we can do to prevent this, we can now learn what to do to reignite the passion we once shared with our partner. Here is what to do:

#1. True love is something that you give

There is this general misconception going around that the love you feel for someone is something that happens to you. That is to say that for you to feel happy, alive and loved in a relationship, you need your partner to make you feel this way.

I quite agree to the fact that we all need someone to share our love and life with, but it will be wrong for us to think that we need someone to feel joy and alive. It is all you and you alone. These feelings are something you can only give to yourself.

Now based on this cultural misconception of how to feel loved, what remained hidden to us is that for you to feel loved, you have to give love. When I say giving love, I don’t mean you having a good feeling only when you make someone happy.

What I am trying to say is the genuine love that you feel in your quest to bring joy and laughter to your partner. Offering the support that you partner needs for him or her to feel loved. When you change your perception that love is something you give, you will begin to see something different happening in your life.

#2. Learn to be grateful

It can be very unhealthy in relationship when all you do is focus on what you don’t like about your partner or the things you are missing in your relationship. The best way to go about it is to show gratitude for what you have and the positive sides of your partner. With this, can you can be able to infuse the love that is required to keep the relationship going.

#3. Learn to love again

Heartbreaks are something that can devastating to a person and result in fear of opening your heart again to someone else. These emotional pains could have been caused by parents, siblings or exes. Sometimes it can even be caused by you current partner.

If you want to sustain real love in your relationship, then you will have to learn to open your heart again. Anyone that has experienced heartbreaks will understand that it takes and enormous amount of courage to open your heart again to someone else. But despite this, it is the only way to get to feel love for your partner again.

There are ways that you use in escaping opening your heart to another person. All you have to do is identify those ways and work on them so as to start experiencing love once again.

Sustaining the love you share with you partner is not a fast one or a short term business, you have to realize that it is work in progress. This is why you have to know these laws of love and put them into actions by opening your heart. Doing this you can be able to sustain your love for your partner and have a happy and satisfying relationship.

Looking at this, you will agree with me that the end game is all about our desires to feel loved and be loved.

It can be quite revealing when we discover that we don’t need someone to feel joy and be loved and this desires can be met with simple steps and actions that we take.

How to have a strong personality

How to have a strong personality

How to have a strong personality

It is the dream of a lot of people to have a strong personality and to be powerful. But when people are let into the secret of developing a strong personality, they give up and remain who they are because of the vagueness of the steps.

Defining what it means to have a strong personality can differ from person to person. This is why there are lots of traits and characters when it comes to explaining what it is like to have a strong personality.

There are those that think that for someone to have a strong personality, that person must be rich, powerful and influential; that person is most likely to be a leader and not a follower. While I don’t fully support this perception of what it means to have a strong personality, I am, in this article, going to let you know how to have a strong personality by preventing people around you from affecting you.

How does effect of people around us stop us from having a strong personality?

Having a strong personality means that first you have to be yourself and true to yourself. You cannot say that you have a strong personality when you try to conform to how the people and society we live in expects us to act.

The society and accepted norms have set some form of unwritten rules and it is expected of everyone to live by these rules and behave a certain way.

Peer pressure is another contributing factor that affect how people behave, rather than being themselves, true and special, they prefer to become another person just to conform to people’s expectation.

Let us now take a look at some examples and cases of how the society and people around us affect us:

Dress Code. We cannot deny the fact that the ways we dress are most times affected by society we live in and fashion trends and people’s expectation of it.

Our Behavior. In the society we live in, there are ways that is expected of every one to behave. If you should do something rather differently, people tend to blame you and question your actions and decisions.

Our Choices. Sometimes, the choices we make are as a result of what people think. It is about our actions that have to do with following the direction of the crowd. This is what takes place when many people buy a brand, others tend to follow suit because they think that because many people prefer that brand, then the brand is of quality and trustworthy.

Every Other Thing. For every action we take in the society that we live in, we do so because we want to remain part of the herd.

How to have a strong personality

The first step in developing a strong personality is to break free from the herd and be your own unique person. That means that you have to learn to be true to yourself by having your own thoughts, ideas, beliefs, behavior and personality.

The act of having a strong personality means that you have to learn to do thing differently from how others do it.

Lots of people always have the wants of feeling safe knowing that everyone around them is conforming to the accepted norms. It is people like this that will try to oppose you and question your actions when you choose and begin to do some things differently.

Let us take a look at what you can do to oppose those that might want to stop you from developing a strong personality.

They are those that will try to ask you what your problem is. But when people with weak personalities are faced with opposition, they tend to pull back and adjust to how people want them to behave. But when someone has a problem with your changes, let them know that it appeals to you, ask them what is wrong with a change, let them know that it makes you happy.

When people try to attack you for being different, rather than trying to defend yourself, why not respond with a counter attack. This is how people with strong personality respond to situations like this.

For people with weak personality, they try to find reason to do things that others would want because they want to please them. But for people with strong personality, they act differently and the way they want because they like it and it pleased them. They see it as important to them if they are to develop and maintain their strong personality.

Since people with weak personalities love to follow trends, they can accept to live by any rules and standards made available to them even if it makes no sense. But for people with strong personalities, they prefer to set their own rules and live by their own standards. This is what makes them thick.

Steps to develop a strong personality

The first step to developing a strong personality is by first figuring out who you really are. The way to discover this is by trying out and exploring different things. You can also get involved with things you like and things you have passion for. You might be surprised at what you might discover.

Set a goal for yourself and work towards achieving them. You might burn out if you set unexpected goals. What you should do is break your long term goals into shorter and easily accomplishable ones. This way you can get what you want.

You can join a club or organization that share similar interests and goals.

You can also join a gym or sports club. This will help you learn how to push yourself to the limit.

Learn to work on your tone and how you speak. You should also learn to make eye contact while you speak; it is a sign of confidence. It you find making eye contact weird, you can start by practicing making eye contact with people on the street long enough to know the color of their eyes.

Don’t be scared of what people will say when you begin to do things differently. Just make a decision to be unique no matter the opposition you meet on the way. Remember that you are trying to develop a strong personality.

Confidence and developing self esteem is the key, so you will have to start worrying less of what people think of you. If you should succumb to worrying about what people think of you, then you might end up not being true to yourself.

Change your mentality of thinking that you have to be rich, influential, powerful and a leader to have a strong personality. Anyone can develop a strong personality, you don’t need money to do that, all you have to do is stay unique and remain true to yourself.

Try to develop a positive body language and learn to make use of the mirror to learn how to smile and have a good posture.

It is never too late to develop a strong personality, because it is one of the keys to living a more fulfilled life.

stop trying to be loved by everybody

How not to care what people think of you

stop trying to be loved by everybody

It is the desire of everyone to be accepted and loved by all, but there are those that spend too much energy in their quest to make people like them. People like this spend most of their time worrying about what other people think of them. Sometimes, we don’t realize that we are doing this but putting importance to situations like this most times is unhealthy and stressful. Worrying a lot about what people think of you can make you feel unworthy of yourself and can be distracting.

Here are the four steps that you can follow to train yourself on how not to care about what people think of you. This would help you live a healthier and happier life.

#1. Understand the reason behind you action

Sometimes for us to deal with a problem, we have to identify the cause of that problem. So it is when you want to deal with this, we have to know the reason why we care about what people think about us.

We have grown up in a society that set norms to certain standards. From the time we were born, we were taught how to do certain things the way that is normally accepted in the society we live in. These ideologies are engrained in us that we see something done differently as weird.

With the current boost in the online social media, where almost all part of our social lives is broadcasted, it makes living up to expectations tougher.

We are so stressed up trying to keep up to the needs of updating our online personas so as to continue to make people like us and remain in our social circle.

A lot of people have spent most parts of their lives in this cycle with the belief that certain actions will get us the so much desired acceptance; we do this only to continuously find out that our desired expectations are not met.

Since discovering that this is part of the major causes, releasing ourselves from worrying about what other people think of us can only be dealt with when we release ourselves from this mentality engrained in our mind.

#2. Engrain this new phrase in your mind “People’s thought of me is none of my business”

One of the secret of being happy is changing the things that we have control over and ignoring the things that we have no control over.

When it comes to what people think of you, you will have to agree with me that it is one of those areas of your life that you have no control over. So worrying about what people think of you is just a good way of adding another form of stress to your life.

Tell yourself times without number that what people think of you is none of your business. It is indeed none of your business because no matter who you are, be you an angel from heaven or devil from hell, people will always think of you the way they like. Since you can control how good or bad people think of you, then it is of no use bothering your life about it.

#3. Redirect your energy

Imagine the amount of mental and emotional energy people put into worrying about what others think of them. A lot of people make rational and tough decisions just in the name of trying to save their name and what people might think of them.

But rather than waste those energy on what you have no control over, why not remind yourself that what they think of you is none of your business and redirect those energy to something positive.

Search for something that you are passionate about and get involved in it. This will give your life a new twist and you will be living an interesting life. You can get involved in other creative activity and try to learn something new you previously have no knowledge of. You will be surprised how happy your life will turn out to be.

#4. It is time to practice self-love and acceptance

When you begin to truly practice self-love and acceptance, you will begin to discover that what people think of you has nothing to do with your happiness in life. Even if what they think or say is not something you like, you can walk with your head up high because you know you are genuine to yourself.

Practicing daily self-love and self-acceptance will help you release those positive emotions in you that will aid you in becoming happier in life.

There are lots of ways that you can practice self-love, through meditation, eating healthy, giving yourself a treat, spending time with nature, having a massage once in a while and many more. As you begin to get the feeling of self-love, you will feel it increase with time.

Developing self-love is not something you practice for a while and stop later on; it is something you do for a life time. It might not be easy feeling self-love at first but with time you will get the feel. Do not allow yourself to fall into the temptation of bothering your mind on what people think of you.

If at first you find yourself unable to stop thinking about people’s opinion of you, just remember that just like you, they are also on the path of self discovery and how they think of behave is personal to them and none of your business.

how to know a person doesn't like you

How to know someone is not interested in you

how to know a person doesn't like you

How can you know someone is not interested in you? How to know that someone does not like you is the topic that we will be looking at in this article. Sometimes, it can be very confusing when you are trying to decipher if someone is into you or not. You get confused because you don’t want to run ahead of yourself only to get embarrassed and you don’t want to give only find out that this person actually liked you.

But when it comes to knowing if someone doesn’t want you, it can be clearly written in their attitude towards you than when they want you. It is very important that you discover your stand with regards to how this person feel for you so that you can save yourself from the pain of emotional attachment you have for this person.

We would now take a look at the signs that you will see and know that someone does not need you.

Signs to know that this person doesn’t want you

#1. When this person yawns a lot in your presence:  This is indeed a clear sign that this person is not interested in you and whatever it is you have to say. You presence makes them bored and the yawning is a sign that they would rather be doing something more important.

How can we liken yawning to a person losing interest? Yawning is a biological process that takes place when there is less amount of oxygen reaching the brain. And this happens in most cases when a person is losing interest in something.

#2. Consistent short response: People usually give short response in situations where they are busy doing something important. So if you are talking to someone and getting regular short answers, then it means that whatever that person is doing has a higher value than your presence. Short answers are signs that this person is not interested in whatever you are saying at the moment.

A person that is interested in you even when busy will try to let you know how important what they are doing at the moment is. They will also try to reschedule a good time to spend with you and discuss your interest in details. But when a person is not trying, you should take your interest somewhere else

#3. The person is not asking any questions: You are so busy pouring out you heart to this person and while you are at it and when you are done talking this person is not asking any question to get a  clearer picture of what you are saying. This is a sign that this person is not interesting in you or whatever you have to say.

Normally when you are discussing with someone and while you are at it, the person will ask questions once in a while to better understand what you are saying. This is a sign that this person is both interested in your presence and what you have to say. Anything other than this, then something more important is occupying that person’s mind.

#4. The person is not showing off: When you get to read books and articles on how to know if someone likes you, you get to see that a person that is interested in you will begin to show off their good qualities in your presence. This is a natural and animalistic thing and it is also visible even in those that are not normally showy.

But when a person is not showing off their good qualities in your presence, then it is most like that this person is not interested in you.

#5. You don’t get a reply to your conversations: When after more than once a person a person does not reply to your conversation, then it is most likely that this person is not interested in you.

#6. The person keeps making excuses: When a person is interested in you, this person can make out time amongst their busy schedule to meet with you no matter how little. But when this person begins to make excuses that are not feasible like blaming the timing or saying they are always busy, then this person see no interest in spending time with you.

#7. Too afraid to commit: Sometimes, this person might act like they like you and show a fair amount of interest when they are with you, but if this person is too skeptical to make some form of commitment, then this person might not be interested in you.

#8. Contacting you once in a while: This does not necessarily mean that this person is not interested in you, it might be that this person takes you as their second option. It is now left for you to know what position you would prefer to have in this person’s life and heart.

#9 Shows fluctuating interest: This is another sign that you are not the first option for this person. This person shows you interest for a while and after sometime this person backs off.  It is a sign that this person is not that interested.

#10. This person calls you only when they need something from you: A person that calls you up when they need something from you is not really interested in you but in what they stand to gain from you. So it is of no use bothering yourself if this person wants you or not.

Does a person not wanting you means that you are bad?

Because a person does not like you do not mean that you are bad the way you are. The truth is that when it comes to attraction and liking someone, everyone seeks to satisfy a particular psychological need. Not liking you means that you do not satisfy those psychological needs, it does not mean that you are that bad.

This article is written to prevent you from being too needy and pushy. Being too pushy will only get you rejection and this is not the result you are searching for.

Yes it is possible that this person might change their mind in the future but when you are not someone’s type, your chances of getting that person to like you is almost slim.

Forcing yourself on someone with the hope that this person will later like you might frustrate your desire and definitely get you depressed.

So why not carry on with your life and improve yourself. They is someone for everyone and definitely you will meet someone that you are interested in and that will also reciprocate the interest.

How to get rid of unwanted thoughts

How to get rid of unwanted thoughts

How to get rid of unwanted thoughts

How can one get rid of unwanted thoughts? When you have this thought in your mind that you can’t get rid of, it can turn out to be an irritation to you. And the annoying aspect of it is that if you are not able to get it of them, you get to see yourself being stuck in them.

Unwanted thoughts we get could be as a result of events that took place during the day or our past mistakes at work. It can also be a nameless fear. But whatever the anxiety is all about, thoughts like these tends to be hard to control.

What are the most popular ways people use in getting rid of unwanted thoughts in their mind? It is with the use of trying to push them out by whatever means necessary.

But with studies that have been carried out, we came to discover that trying to suppress unwanted thoughts are most times counterproductive; this technique only succeeds in making the thoughts to become stronger.

It can be really frustrating when you put so much effort in trying to get rid of some thought and it only ends up getting stronger.

So what are the alternatives that one can use in getting rid of unwanted thoughts? We are going to be taking a look at them so as to get rid of these thoughts lying around in our heads that we don’t want.

#1. Try to distract yourself

This is one of the techniques that people use when they want to get their mind off something. They think of many things and their mind wander about all in with the aim of distracting themselves.

But what I have come to notice is the most times, trying to distract ourselves doesn’t seem to work. Does it mean that distraction does not work? Well the answer is no. Distraction can be a powerful tool in getting rid of unwanted thoughts; it is just that people are going about it the wrong way.

When you want to use distraction to get rid of unwanted thoughts, you have to practice focused distraction. Rather than allowing your mind to wander about seeking for any form of distraction, why not hold on to a distraction and focus on it. This way you can easily get distracted and get your mind off those unwanted thoughts.

#2. Get rid of stress

The normal approach that most people use in getting rid of unwanted thoughts is by subjecting themselves to more stress with the hope of getting their mind off those thoughts.

But studies have shown that rather than those hectic activities to get your mind of those thoughts, it makes them to come back stronger.

Therefore, since stress does not get us our desired result, it would be best to get rid of any stressful activities and ease your mind from any form of worry. This way you can be able to think clearly and find a solution to your problems.

#3. Since we can postpone any activity, why not try postponing a thought

Suppressing a thought definitely makes it to come back stronger. And since suppressing a thought does not work, you can try postponing thinking about it.

Studies have shown that postponing thinking about a particular thoughts 30 minutes later have helped subjects come up with better option that suppressing thoughts.

So why not postpone thinking about a problem to a particular date, you might be surprised at what you will get.

#4. Have you head of paradoxical therapy

This is another surprising means of dealing with unwanted thoughts and it is definitely not for the faint of hearts.

This technique is all about facing the thought head on. Since trying to suppress the thought does not work, we can try focusing on it.

This is the type of therapy that is used in treating phobia cases where someone is exposed to what there are scared of until the fear for that thing begins to fade.

So when you focus mainly on that unwanted thought, you might discover that the effect of that thought on you might begin to fade.

#5. Try to accept them

Sometimes, the best way to get rid of those unwanted thoughts is by accepting them for what they are. If it is as a result of mistakes, you can accept the fact that you’ve made a mistake and decide to avoid making the same mistake in the future.

Acceptance is a strong secret of getting rid of worries. Fighting with your thoughts and worries might act like a quicksand and swallow you up. So rather than do battle with them, just observe and watch them slide away.

#6. Meditation

This is also another technique that is similar to acceptance. You can get rid of your unwanted thoughts with the use of meditation. You don’t have to be a Buddhist meditate or learn to meditate. Simple breathing techniques are enough to get you mind to be at peace, getting your mind away from those unwanted thoughts.

#7. Self-affirmation

The power of self affirmation is unlimited. This is a technique that can help anyone build self-esteem and a positive attitude and body language. This is why it can also be very effective in dealing with getting rid of unwanted thoughts.

Rather than wallowing in those thoughts that you don’t want, why not try thinking about the positive traits about yourself. Repetition of these thoughts is good for you and will deal with those unwanted thoughts.

#8. Put it down in writing

This is an opposite of self-affirmation. Rather than using positive thoughts, why not take out a pen and notepad and put your deepest thoughts down in writing. Writing out how you feel is an effective way to ease yourself of the stress that comes with unwanted thoughts.

Apart from getting rid of unwanted thoughts, writing therapy has been known to come with lots of psychological and health benefits. Writing about your innermost thoughts and how you truly feel is a good way to get rid of unwanted thoughts.