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Friday, May 26, 2017

11 Mistakes I Intend To Avoid As a Blogger So I Don’t Lose Money

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11 Mistakes I Intend To Avoid As a Blogger So I Don’t Lose Money

Mistakes I Intend To Avoid As a Blogger

Mistakes I Intend To Avoid As a Blogger

I told you guys that before I started this blog I did my research and part of them are mistakes that bloggers make before starting their blogs and even after starting their blogs.

These mistakes are so much that they don’t know how much of money they are losing. I started this blog for many reasons and making money is one of them.

Because I don’t intend to lose money, I have decided to write about this problem so as to remind myself constantly what they are and not make them.

So here goes:

  1. Not building an email list:

Well, I believe the growth of my email list depends a lot on the quality I provide here. So while I do my best to provide you the good stuff, do support me by subscribing to my blog.

  1. Not building a personal relationship with readers

I also intend to build a personal relationship with my readers so that they can interact and leave comments on this blog.

This is another mistake that most bloggers make. They just write, not thinking about the writer and how the article impacts on them.

This blogger does not intend to make similar mistake.

  1. Not selling from day one

Well as you can see there are adverts and there is an ebook here. I intend to write more ebooks that my readers will enjoy.

Some readers might subscribe to an ad free blog and get used to the fact that they are no ads on the blog, the moment you begin to display ads they see it as offensive.

So it is better my readers see ads on my blog from day one. At least you know that I intend to make money with this blog.

  1. Not diversifying my income strategy

Some blogger depends on adsense alone for their blog income. This is a mistake I don’t intend to make. I have adsense alright, I am also selling ebooks, once I see affiliate ads that match my site theme you will be seeing it here.

If I do things right, I believe that traffic will increase. This means that other advertisers will approach to buy ad space here. So ladies and gentlemen, expect to see them soon.

  1. Not being visual enough in my blog

Some bloggers are not aware of the importance of images in an article. Images say more than a thousand things about your content.

It gives your visitors something to look at and also adds value to your page in terms of ranking.

I believe that this is as SEO as I can get. I know the value of images to a blog, so my readers will be seeing more of them.

  1. Not making a fast website.

As this site grows, the database grows too. And if not well handled, my site can become slow on loading. This is why I choose my host and used wordpress as my blogging platform.

I believe that wordpress is the best I can get when it comes to blogging. Cache is another factor I will bring into the picture soon and also optimizing my images.

  1. Not testing my ads

Don’t be surprised if there are changes in ad positions and shape. I am testing these ads to know the ones that earns me the most money. But I can promise you that these testing will not affect the quality of writing here.

  1. Not approaching advertisers

Before this blog grows to the extent where advertisers start contacting me, I will be seeking them out. I intend to stop when the ad positions I want to sell are exhausted.

  1. Not promoting my blog

The best promotion I can give to this blog is to write quality content. At least word of mouth can work for me which remains the best and free form of advertising.

This does not mean that I won’t share my posts on my facebook and twitter accounts.

  • Not adding values to my reader’s life

The aim of this article is to touch people’s lives positively. I intend to continue on this path.

These are the mistakes I intend to avoid and other bloggers should too. If you notice that I am making any one of these listed here, do call to my attention by leaving me a comment below and I will do my best to fix it.

Thank you.

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