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Monday, May 22, 2017

5 Reasons why people have double standards in decision making

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When people have double standards and don’t feel guilt, then most likely they have succeeded in convincing their subconscious that they are right so it doesn’t send them sad emotions.

What this means is that people succeed in giving themselves a good reason to make their decisions even when they know their decisions are wrong.

How double standards emerge

  1. People find excuse for themselves: Some people are aware that what they are doing is wrong but the just find excuse to make themselves feel it is okay. A Christian might be aware that insulting someone is bad but gives himself a good reason which is the person deserved it. The reason is just to avoid feeling bad for insulting the person.
  2. Their emotions affect the way they judge others: When someone doesn’t like you or thinks you are bad, all he will do is focus on your bad side and exaggerate the small and meaningless ones. But for someone that likes you, he ignores your bad sides and turns a blind eye to them.
  3. People lie to themselves: For people to feel comfortable doing what is not right, they lie to themselves. It gets easier when they twist the facts to suit their beliefs and intentions.
  4. Physical attraction: People are wired to think that good looking people are nice and not so good looking people are less of a nice person. That is why someone that is good looking has a better chance of getting a job than someone that is not.
  5. People just want to be right: Some people have double standards because they just want to be right. The desire to be right is a very powerful feeling and some people will not mind bending the rules to feel right. An example is judging people they don’t like differently just to prove they are right for hating them initially.

These are some of the reasons why people have double standards in their decision making process.

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