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Monday, May 29, 2017

5 Surprising Things People Do When They Are Scared

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5 Surprising Things People Do When They Are Scared

Things People Do When They Are Scared

Things People Do When They Are Scared

There are different reactions people have when they are scared. Fear can make people do unimaginable things. And most of them are funny and, sorry to say this, stupid.

Not that I am being insensitive to their plight, I have just come to discover that people like remain this way because their fears have not pushed them to a point in life that they have to other option but to face them.

When you get to that point, facing your fears become your only option and the moment you do, you will see that your fears were not worth your time.

Some people get scared with just stories their mind tell them. A false tale here and there, people just start shaking and having panic attacks.

I will not waste much of your time with this pep talk. Let’s just look at what people do when they are scared.

  1. Shopping

Some people can get so scared that the only way they can appease their fears and calm themselves down is to go shopping.

Most times these shopping can be really expensive. They are just trying to appease an unseen god of fear whose appetite gets larger with ever episode of fear or panic attack.

Another reason for shopping can be when they have body image issues and start comparing themselves to others thinking that people are looking or talking about them.

  1. Overeating

Some people handle their fears by overeating. With time, their fears get worse as they begin to deal with their weight issue because the commonest calming food for them is chocolate, chips and ice cream.

  1. Watch Television

While they are eating, the reach out for their remote control and bury themselves with their favorite shows. All these are with the aim of distracting themselves from the fear that comes back immediately the food is finished and the TV program is over.

Hopefully it distracts them for a while only to come back again sooner or later.

  1. Surfing

Some people just dive into the web to get lost in it when they are scared because they feel the World Wide Web would be the perfect distraction for them.

They check their social media posts only to find out there was to comments. They get sad; another cycle of low self-esteem begins.

  1. Stop breathing

Some people get so scared that they stop breathing. I think this is the part that we call a phobia or a panic attack.

When it comes to this stage, I think that the person involved will need to see a therapist or psychologist to help them deal with their fears and phobias.

Over to you

I will like to know what you think. Are there any other reactions you know people have for fear? Let us know in the comment box.

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