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Monday, May 22, 2017

6 Signs to help you identify and recognize a wise person

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Many people claim to be wise, but we know that wisdom only reaches out to those that seek for it and it is not all that seeks for this precious state mind.

How you can become a wise person

How you can become a wise person

Age has nothing to do with wisdom as you can tell and words of a wise man remain a goldmine of wealth for generations long after he has gone.

Listening to an unwise fellow on the other hand can get you into lots of trouble which you will regret. Now if you are searching for a wise man or woman, here are the behaviors you see in them and you will know that he or she is a wise person.

Characters and traits of a wise person

  1. There sometimes look and behave crazy but makes lots of sense: You will agree with me that wise people are somewhat different from the crowd. They try to be different because it is obvious they don’t think like the rest of them. That is why people most times confuse them for crazy.
  2. They are life students and appliers of wisdom: Wise people never stop learning about wisdom and as they increase their knowledge of wisdom, they apply it to their lives.
  3. They don’t make hasty decisions: Wise people are not in a haste to make decisions. Should you give them an ultimatum, they arrive at their decision on the last day of the ultimatum. That is how they are able to make the best out of any situation.
  4. They get the facts: Wise people are not known to come to a conclusion based on one sided stories. That is how they become better judge and leaders. Wise people try to get the facts so as to make proper decisions and judgments.
  5. They try to find the underlying reasons: Take for instance when you yell at a wise person, rather than yell back or get angry at you, he or she will try to understand the underlying reason why you are shouting. It can be out of fear or insecurity. When you understand why people yell or behave the way they do, it make it easy for you forgive and love them despite their weaknesses.
  6. They talk less and listen more: The best part of being wise is that you know that listening and talking less is how you learn and understand people and the environment you are in.

Wise people are good observers and it is one of their strengths. Allowing someone talk while you listen gives you a peek at their soul and what is in their hearts. You understand them better and know how to relate with them.

These are the signs you see in wise people. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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