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Friday, May 26, 2017

9 Ways To Know If You Are A Jealous Person

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How do I know I am a jealous person?

How do I know I am a jealous person?

How do I know I am a jealous person?

Recognizing that you are jealous person is the first step towards becoming a better person.

If you are here to check if what you feel is jealousy then you are on the right path and this result can help you manage your emotions.

There are simple ways to know if you are indeed jealous of someone else even if you don’t want to admit it.

  1. Whenever you have the urge to humiliate someone in public

When you always have the urge to insult and humiliate someone in public even when he or she has done you no wrong, then jealousy might be looming. You might not know this but you are doing this to feel good about yourself.

  1. When you never praise their achievements

It is very certain that your friend or someone you know achieved something great and yet you find it hard to congratulate him or her. This is a pure sign that you are jealous of this person.

  1. When you avoid them for no just cause

Sometimes, the jealousy you feel for someone might be so strong on you that it makes you so sad. The only way you can save yourself from this pain is to avoid this person or stay away from them.

  1. When you refuse to help them

You are supposed to be this person’s friend and when he or she needs your help you can’t render it. You are unable to do so because of the jealousy, envy or sadness that this person brings you. You are refusing to help because deep inside, you wish he or she will fail.

  1. When you secretly wish they would fail

When you secretly wish that someone that is successful will fail at their craft or endeavor, then envy and jealousy is ruling you. You most times remain sad as long as this person keeps prevailing.

  1. When their failures and pain makes you feel good

You are happier when this person fails or is going through some trying period. When you have this emotion in you then jealousy has been ruling you for quite some time.

  1. When you see someone as a competition

When you begin to see someone as a completion even when there is no trophy to be won, then jealousy might be in play. This person might be going about their daily business but you begin to see everything about them, from the way they walk to the way they dress as something to compete about.

  1. When you copy everything this person does

When you begin to copy what this person does from how they walk to how they eat and you feel like you can outdo them in these areas, then you are secretly worshiping this person without even knowing it.

  1. When you are constantly criticizing this person

When you constantly criticize someone’s ideas all in the name of saying the truth, unknowingly you might be envying this person.

The reason behind this is that you could have tried similar ideas in the past and failed at it and you feel that no one else can achieve. It could also be that you are too afraid to even try and when someone attempts it, you criticize the person.

So that is it my friend.

When you feel most of these emotions stated here, then jealousy is the only emotion going for you and you really have to work is out or it would consume you like wild fire.

Leave me a comment below on how you feel and let’s talk about it.

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