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Friday, May 26, 2017

Acknowledging Your Emotions To Stay Mentally Strong

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Handling the emotion of feeling not good enough

This post is aimed at helping people that have feelings of not feeling good enough for themselves and how recognizing this emotion can help them take control of their lives and handle this negative feelings.

Just like the case of an interview

If you have ever been in a situation where you were invited for an interview, you got there to discover that you are not the only one vying for the job. What makes it more challenging emotionally is that you get to relate with job applicant and find out that most of them are more qualified than you for the job position. This is will indeed affect your confidence if you are not strong emotionally.

It is not only about an interview. Most times in life and situations that happens around us, we have all been guilty of feeling not good enough for something at one time or another.

The negative impact of this perception on us is so strong that we never attempt to try. We look around us and believe that people around us a better than us with regards to what are looking for.

But there is something I want you to understand, you are not the only one feeling this way, this is especially with regards to the job interview example that I gave above.

What recognizing your emotions does for you

The first step to overcome this feeling is to acknowledge it. Whenever you are feeling down or negative, the first step to overcoming these emotions is to recognize what you feel.

This recognitions helps you come back to your sense and deal with whatever emotions that is working against your progress. Acknowledging your emotions at any point in time will help you attain emotional stability. You will be aware of your feelings at all time rather than acting impulsively.

People react to their emotions impulsively and without control because they don’t acknowledge and understand how they feel. But when you begin to take note of how of you feel, you will begin to gain better control of how you react and you can be able to change your mindset and correct your negativity.

So don’t go about condemning yourself without being aware of the reason why and not even giving yourself a chance to try. With recognition, you can be able to change your mindset and improve your confidence.

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