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Monday, May 22, 2017

Articulate personality – the characteristics and trait of a person

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Articulate personality – the characteristics and trait of a person

Articulate personality – what does it mean for a person to be articulate? What is the characteristic of an articulate personality? What does it mean for a person to be articulated and to have the traits? These are the questions that we will be dealing with in the article. To put you straight and make you understand what it means for a person to be articulated and to have this personality.

Let us first define what it means to be articulate. By definition, articulate means that a person has the character and ability to speak fluently and coherently. And for a person to understand what it takes to develop this trait, they have to be informed about its characteristics.

To have an articulate personality does not mean that you have to posses some special degree or super power. It is nothing special or a trait for some special kind of people. It does not mean that you have to use big words or speak in paragraph for you to display this personality. But what it means is that you have to use the right words to express your ideas clearly. What I am trying to say is that a person with an articulate personality is able to communicate very well at all times.

For you to better understand what I am trying to say, it is very important for you to know and understand how words work. Once you are very knowledgeable of the basic of the linguistics, you will be just fine.

There are three steps to follow for you to be able to develop articulate personality trait and they are vocabulary, comprehension and application. We shall take into detail these three steps for you to better understand what it takes to develop this character.

A person with articulate personality will be very comfortable with their vocabulary. So for you to be articulated, you have to expand your vocabulary. This does not mean that you have to become a fluent poet, but having the ability to know how to use the right words at the right time. And know only knowing that but also knowing how to pronounce it correctly. An online game that you can use in achieving this is FreeRice.com. this is actually a fun way to develop your vocabulary because it give you the opportunity to learn a word or two at your free time and at the same time do a charity work. For every question that you answer, grains of rice are being donated to hungry people, whether you are right or wrong. Another site that you can use to introduce new vocabulary to your knowledge everyday is Vocabology.

Improving comprehension:

For you to build you articulate personality or to be more articulated, you have to improve your comprehension. This means that you have to be able to know when and how words are used for an effective communication. As you immerse yourself into learning how to hone your tongue, you will achieve it faster. One way that you can use to do this is by surrounding yourself with things that can help you achieve this which can be book or movies with proper articulate speech.

Articulate personality can be developed if you know how to apply words properly when translating your ideas and trying to communicate. You can practice this by retelling your stories to your friend and talking more about things and movies while you watch your speech. As time goes by, you will be surprised at the progress that you are making. You are forcing yourself into a standard and they is no doubt that you are bound to get comfortable with it over time. Before you send out a mail to a friend, ensure that you read the mail properly and make sure that the male expresses your thought clearly and you are on your way to becoming and articulated person while developing this characteristic.

As you work developing an articulate personality, know that it is normal to use place holders like “Um” and “er” as you try to be selective of the words you use. Even people that are known to be articulated use them too. So as you work on your perfection feel comfortable using these placeholders.

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