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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Can I Be Happy When and After I Get Married?

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This is the question that is often asked by people that are desperately in search of happiness. But first of all, if you are having troubles finding happiness in life, then it means that you have issues and until you deal with these issues, you will most likely remain sad.

But if you think that it is only in marriage and relationships that you can find happiness, then you will be wrong. Before asking of getting married can get you the happiness you seek, what happened in your relationships? If you haven’t gotten the happiness you are seeking for in your relationship, what makes you think you can find it in marriage?

What you should understand about happiness is that it is an inside job. If you not able to find it in yourself, then forget about finding it in your marriage.

You will be wrong to think that you need another person to make you happy. With this perception, you are most likely to find yourself tying the knots with someone that will take advantage of you.

I am not in any way telling you that you are in a relationship with an abusive partner, what I am trying to say is that you don’t need another person in your life to feel happy. Get your facts straight; get yourself prepared before getting into a life time relationship because if you don’t, you might hop out as fast as you hopped in

This does not mean that when you are in a healthy relationship you will not be happy; happy relationships is all about two happy people coming together to make themselves happier.

This is the secret behind happy couples. Take a look at their personality before and after they got married, you will see that they were and are still fulfilled and happy individually. Some of them know this, while some don’t, but it is one of the secrets behind their strong relationship.

Depending on someone to make you happy makes you to become needy and clingy. It is not every one that loves to be in a relationship with someone that is clingy and needy.

Your confidence in yourself and improved self-esteem can only attract to you people that loves your aura. They’ve got love to give and you’ve got love to give, your relationship to this person will always be a happy one.

You cannot give what you don’t have and you don’t get what you don’t give. Look at your life, if you’ve got no joy and love to give, I don’t know how you can be able to get in your marriage.

So don’t wait until you get married to find happiness. Start working on yourself to find happiness and you can be able to do this when you practice self-love.you have to find a way to fall in  love with yourself before you can fall in love with another person.

Self-love is the secret behind finding happiness in life. With self-love you can be able to stimulate your subconscious to appreciate you. When your subconscious does not radiate the love in you, you might see yourself suffering from low self-esteem.

So can your marriage bring you happiness, the answer is Yes and No. The Yes can come into effect when you have done your homework and the NO can come into effect if you don’t work on yourself and do what you must before getting married.

Happiness in your marriage does not mean that you will not experience ups and downs in your relationships. You countenance towards your relationship will help you find better ways to handle these conflicts and work towards healthier and long lasting relationships.

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