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Monday, May 29, 2017

Causes of Feeling Down, Bad and Having Sad Emotions

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Causes of Feeling Down, Bad and Having Sad Emotions

Causes of Feeling Down, Bad and Having Sad Emotions

Causes of Feeling Down, Bad and Having Sad Emotions

Why do people have depressing emotions? What are the causes of feeling down and sad?

Why do we feel bad consistently and continuously without understanding why?

Some people can feel so bad that they transfer their aggression towards their friends and loved ones.

Let us take an example where you came to work late and your supervisor caught you trying to sneak into your office.

The regular reaction is to ask you why you came late and since it is the first time he or she might let you off the hook with a light warning.

What if the next day you came late to office again and this time three hours late. What do you think will happen when your supervisor finds out again?

I believe you will get a stiffer warning, correction or get suspended if not fired.

That is how it is with feeling sad and down without knowing the reason why. When your subconscious needs you to take action, it sends you warnings and signals in forms of sadness and worry.

Until you take action, you will continue to have these disturbing emotions. But when you ignore these warning over a period of time, you will only get stiffer signs and warnings which leads to depression.

That is how people get depressed without knowing the reason why.

When some people get sad or worried, they suppress the emotion or deal with it using other negative means.

Some people travel while others resort to sleep or alcohol or use of drugs. But whichever the one you choose, know that they are all short term solutions to a long term problems.

The only long lasting solution is that you begin to work on those problem because if they do not show signs of disappearing, your subconscious will not let you rest.

Take for instance you hate your job but you are too scared to quit. Being scared to quit is not enough reason for your mind to stop bothering you.

Until you take definite action, you won’t have peace of mind.

But the moment you begin to do something about that job you hate, like starting a part time business you intend to grow for some years, you will notice that your peace of mind will come back.

This is because your subconscious has now seen that you are not taking action. The magic remains that the whole problem does not have to disappear before you get back your peace.

The moment you begin to do something about them, you experience less worry.

Some people know the source of their problems but refuse to take action because they are scared.

This is because they lack the strength of personality and mentality to do something about it.

In my book “What it takes to develop a strong personality (click to read more)” I gave different tips on how you can develop a strong mentality and personality that can help you live a more fulfilled life.

The strength of your personality has a lot to do with you identifying your problem and taking action to solve them.

I believe that everyone deserves to be happy and live a peaceful life. But to achieve this you are the one to take the first step.

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