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Monday, May 22, 2017

Challenging People Personality Traits And Characteristics

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Challenging People Personality Traits And Characteristics

What are the characteristics of a challenging personality? What are the traits you see in someone and you know this person has a difficult personality.

One fact you have to know about people like this is that some of them are not aware that they are difficult to deal with. Some others are aware but love the attention they draw to themselves.

Other know that they are challenging in nature but believe it is a way of life and they can’t change.

People with challenging personality love to fabricate offensive situation so as to draw attention to themselves.

Challenging personality makes someone a bad team player. This is because they are head strong in their opinion and decisions and this make reasoning with a tough job.

Working with team becomes almost impossible when their ideas are not accepted. They shut down and refuse to do any work or assist the team. They just believe that their way is the only right way.

Challenging people can also be selfish and self-centered. In a team they can lie about the extent of work they have done, choosing the simple ones and leaving the hard ones for the team to do.

Because people with challenging personality are bad team players, they find it hard to reach out to people and form healthy relationships.

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