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Monday, May 22, 2017

Do you think that you are a nerd? Read this

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If you believe you are a nerd then it only means that your psychological identity has been influenced by factors that made you believe that you are a nerd.

Do you think that you are a nerd?

Do you think that you are a nerd?

Your identity on the other hand is the way you see yourself and relate to others.

Your attitudes and characters are in line with an identity you have believed and accepted in your mind even when you might not like these characters.

Researches show that minorities in a societal setting tend to do less in school because they have accepted the message that they are minority.

Because they believed the identity and accepted it, it is now affecting their lifestyle and productivity. That is how you become a nerd just by accepting the fact that you are a nerd.

We hate things about our lives when they remind us of the identity that we don’t like and don’t want be associated with. That is why people with sight problems and don’t want to be identified as nerds prefer putting on contact lenses than glasses.

Glasses make them look like nerds and they would not want to be associated with that identity.

Understanding who you really are – If you are a nerd or not

Some people are so worried about what others will think of them rather than tell people who they are. You should stop focusing on people judging you. The person you tell them you are will be the person they see you as.

So when you tell them that you are a nerd with your attitude, then most likely you are. When you are too obsessed with what people will see you as and how they judge you, you won’t be able to show off the kind of person that you want to become.

So I think that ignoring their thoughts of you totally is the best bet if you are to identify with the person that you desire.

Improving your self-confidence is about learning the skills that you lack and then applying them continuously until your mind start accepting them and believing them. It gets harder for you to become confident when your mind does not accept it.

Practicing many times over is the only way you can make your mind accept the information and status you want to attain and that includes confidence.

So my question to you is, are you are nerd? You tell me.

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