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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Good Companion Personality Traits and Characteristics

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Good Companion Personality Traits and Characteristics

How would you know the perfect companion and their characteristics? What are the traits of a companionly personality?

A good companion is someone you love to spend quality time with because trust and love and they make you feel happy.

It is about the personality of someone you share a special relationship with. I don’t think any relationship can work if the other party cannot be relied as a good companion.

But before we can certify that someone has the personality and qualities that make him or her a good companion, here are some questions we have to ask ourselves:

Do I have fun with this person when I am with him or her?

Are you guys playful and light-hearted with each other?

Are you or your partner a good listener and help each other to feel heard?

Communication is an important part of any relationship and when there is lack of communication, many things can go wrong.

Is your friend or partner willing to come into your world, that is share time with your family, friends and colleagues?

Does this companion value you and appreciates spending time with you?

Disagreement is always part of any relationship but what makes good friends and companion is your abilities to come to an understanding; agree to disagree. Do you guys share this relationship?

Can you accommodate his or her simple request and does your partner accommodate yours?

There are the traits and characteristics of a companionly personality and these questions can help discover if you have one in your life.

These questions can also help you discover if you can also make a good companion.

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