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Monday, May 22, 2017

Having emotional attachment to stuff and how to handle it

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Why People Get Attached To Certain Things and Sad They Lose Them

Why People Get Attached To Certain Things and Sad They Lose Them

Do you have emotional attachment to things and you will like to be free? Do you understand why we are attached to certain things in our lives?

When people are attached to something or someone, the attachment is not the main issue, the problem lies in the underlying emotions that need satisfaction.

Psychological needs and emotional attachment

Imagine a guy that loves to show off with his beautiful wife. He does so because he is compensating for a certain emotional need.

His wife’s beauty satisfies certain criteria of what a potential partner will have and she is a major tool to his self-worth and confidence.

Understanding what I just said you will see that certain reasons why people get attached to something or someone is:

  • To feel worthy
  • For Intimacy
  • To show off

If you want to want to get over any form of attachment you have for something or someone, you just have to identify that underlying emotional hunger that needs satisfaction and satisfy it using another means.

Take for example you only feel worthy of yourself and confident when you put on expensive clothes and shoes.

You can get over this attachment to expensive thing by enrolling in a confidence program so that you can learn other healthy ways to improve your confidence.

Finding other healthy ways will definitely help you get rid of your attachment to expensive thing. This does not mean that you should not look good, but your properties should not cause you uncontrollable pain, sadness and anger when you lose them.

Another example is for those that are attached to food as a means of dealing with their stress. Finding other healthier ways to handle stress can help you deal with this attachment.

Healthy attachment and unhealthy attachment

Nevertheless, there are healthy and unhealthy attachments. Having attachment to your friends or life partner because they prevent you from feeling lonely is a healthy attachment. But when you are attached to your food because it helps you escape bad moods then that is an unhealthy attachments.

The general definition of unhealthy attachment are things you develop attachment to as a means of escaping dealing with real problems rather than face them.

Healthy attachments are the ones that are developed to help fix problems directly and not escape from them.

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