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Sunday, April 30, 2017

How much do you know and can you say about your life

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Many people just go about living their lives, yet when you ask important questions about their lives, might not be able to come up with an answer. Even you and I are guilty of this.

When you are not living your life, then you just exist. You should be able to look back into your life and be proud of who you were and who you’ve become. You should also be able to feel no regret of what has happened in the past and what you’ve become.

You should be happy that you have your life to live today. Your state of health though important, you should be glad and show gratitude that you saw the light of the day. In every break of dawn resides an opportunity for you to make an impact both in your life and that of those around you.

Changing your life and making it purposeful demands that you make little positive changes everyday. It does not matter what you want to inculcate in your life but with little daily adjustments, you should be able to achieve in a matter of time. The principles are all the same to me.

In all actions of yours reside performances dedicated to precise set of acts, mental and physical steps. These steps provide you the clarity of one’s meaning and satisfaction of the inner spirit.

Now let us take a look at areas of your life you are supposed to know and give account of. If you are able to comment honestly about them, you can be able to make the necessary changes that your life needs to improve.

Have you been able to keep an open mind to new ideas and experiences? 

It is not every one that is willing to accept change. As a matter of fact, people confess change but it is not everyone that is willing to change or accept change when it comes because we are all scared of it.

The uncertainty that comes with taking the next step not knowing what is behind the curtain makes us scared. But with this uncertainty, it is only people that are open minded about new ideas and experiences that will take the bold step of wanting to know what’s behind that curtain.

If you have be rigid and refusing to open up to newer ideas, then it means that you have missed out a lot in life. But this does not mean that you’ve lost everything because new things happen on daily basis.

You can still experience new things in life if only you will just be willing to accept newer ideas and give your life the thrill it deserves.

 Have you been able to follow your heart and intuition? 

In your life, can you say that you’ve followed your heart and intuition or did you live your life doing what people tell you?

There are those that do not embark of something if they do not get a 100% approval from people in their lives. What this means is that they don’t follow their heart and intuition.

People like rarely embark on any major project and neither do they live the life of their dreams. Their desires only end in their fantasies and are not brought into action.

You might have ideas and dreams but you are too scared to follow your heart because you don’t believe in yourself.

Some people don’t just do it because they are scared of failing. But what you should know is that failing is a part of life and before you can record major successes you should be ready to fail.

You owe it to yourself to follow your heart and intuition because if you don’t, then you will be living a mediocre life full of regret and “I wish I knew better.”

Have you been honest with yourself? 

When you are honest with yourself, you will be able to know which areas of your life are alright and the areas that need changes. You are the only person that counts in your life so you will be unfair to yourself when you are not honest with yourself.  You should be able to make decisions for yourself because that is what says you are in control of your life. Your life is your ship and you are the captain of this ship.

Have you been making a difference in your life?

Even as you strive to live a more fulfilled life, have you been able to touch the lives of people around you positively? It is in helping people that we are able to help ourselves. When you make positive impact in the lives of people, you will be making positive impact in your life. Doing something that is greater than you means that you have to do something to make someone’s life better and less painful. You have to make a difference in your life and those of people around you.

Are you one of those that need people to complete them?

You will be wrong to think that you need someone to complete you and make you happy. What you are not able to find in yourself, don’t expect to find it in anyone or in a relationship.

It is all about self-love. You have to feel whole, complete and feel love and happiness before you can find it in a relationship. It is what you give in this relationship that you get. When you give love, you get love. When you give happiness, you get happiness.

Believing that you need someone to complete you or make you happy means that you are insecure and suffer from inferiority complex. With this mentality, you are most likely to find yourself in abusive relationships.

Have I come to terms with my weaknesses and vulnerabilities?

When you come to terms with your weaknesses, you will feel comfortable with them and work on ways to improve yourself in those areas. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you are alone in your weaknesses and lock yourself up in your own world.

You should not be scared of what people might think of you because your true friends will accept you and your weakness and not the other way round. When a friend is not able to do this, then that person does not deserve to be called friend. A friend is supposed to help you strengthen your weak sides because that is what friends are for.

Embrace your vulnerability because this is the only way you can be yourself and become comfortable in your own skin.

Have you forgiven those that hurt you in the past?

The funny fact about holding on to grudges is that you relive the pain over and over again any time you remember or see this person that hurt your feelings. This person might have felt remorse, forgiven themselves and move on in their lives and you are still living in the past.

Bearing grudge in your heart means that you chose to carry this burden for as long as it pleases you and nobody forced it on you. You have to let go of this pain so that you can be free.

I know that it might not be easy letting go. But with every day that passes by, make effort to forgive the people that hurt you and with time it would get easier.

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