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Monday, May 22, 2017

How not to feel disgraced in your life ever again

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Let assume that you are doing all you can to avoid disgrace and somehow and situations beyond your control caused an episode to occur, how would you feel?

How to stop feeling ashamed disgraced and embarrassed

How to stop feeling ashamed disgraced and embarrassed

It is assumed that you will feel really bad and sad. Most times most people wish they would disappear during embarrassing moments.

You feel so bad and sometimes hide your face and stay indoors for a few days until you believe that people that are laughing at you has forgotten it.

Well it doesn’t have to feel this way. You can overcome the disgrace you feel in a moment based on how you are able to apply a simple trick that I will make known to you here.

First you have to understand that it is wrong to kill yourself because you made a mistake. Mistakes are the main reasons why people feel ashamed. The feeling you experienced when doing something you believe people won’t accept while being watched.

On the other hand you don’t feel embarrassed when you are doing something you think people will accept.

What this means is that the shame you feel is totally dependent on you view and not what others think.

You just believe that you have been disgraced and so you allow this assumption engulf you.

How you can overcome the feeling of disgrace.

Most disgracing situations occur because we made some kind of mistake and the embarrassing feelings we have is dependent on the assumption that it is bad to make mistakes in public or before people.

But if you realize that mistakes are part of life, then you will know that you cannot avoid them. Trying so hard to avoid mistakes in your life means that you will never learn. Not learning means you will never grow.

To get over the feeling of disgrace, you just have to change your mindset about mistakes and accept them for what they are.

I someone feels like laughing over your mistakes just realize that this person is deformed and in need of help.

You are not the one that needs assistance, this person does. Disgrace can hurt your feelings no doubt about that, there are not supposed to control your life.

Let hear what you think.

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