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Monday, May 22, 2017

How to Get over Bad Moods and Sadness

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How to Get over Bad Moods and Sadness

How to get over sad moods and bad emotions

How to get over sad moods and bad emotions

Are you feeling down and sad?
Do you want to get over this bad mood?
Do experience bad moods often?

For you to be able to get over bad mood or sadness, you have to first understand it. Sometimes, people that experience bad moods know why while some do not even know the cause of their bad mood. People that don’t know the reason for their bad mood seems to blame the first thing that comes to their mind, either the stress that are experiencing, or the fight they had with their partner.

The real truth of the matter is that the reason you are blaming for the bad mood might not be the real cause of the sadness. This is why you have to understand the root cause of the bad mood for you to get over it.
Getting over bad moods by understanding the root cause

The feeling that you are experiencing at this moment is as a result if the experiences of life that you have passed through up to this moment. The fight you had with your partner or your boss or the bad grade that you received the day before that all amounts to a little part of your current emotional state.

It is not only the bad things that happen to you make up your emotional state but the good things also contribute their own quota even if you are not feeling good at the moment. A compliment you got from your boss yesterday for a job well done is part of your current emotional state.

When you put together both the good and the bad things that happen to you in the past, they add up to bring about your current emotional state and the mood that your experiencing now. It has been reported that your ability to fix your resultant mood can affect how happier you can become. It is not all problems that you have control over, but dealing with the ones that you have control over can bring you more happiness.
How to Get over These bad Feelings?

I take it that you understand what I am trying to explain earlier. What I am trying to say is that, it is possible that you can feel happier if you solve one problem that is totally unrelated to your bad mood.

Let me provide an example; if among the list of stress you get at work and the break-ups you just experienced, you found out that you lost some weight by going to the gym and built a better body shape, you will end up feeling better even if you did not solve the other job and relationship problems.
Accumulating small problems can bring about bad moods and sadness

It is the style of some people to ignore small problems, thinking that dealing with the big ones first is more important.

It might surprise you to know that these ignored small problems can bring about bad moods. This is because, the smaller problems accumulate to a point where they becomes more serious than the ones you call bigger problems. Just know that you can feel much better and improve your mood when you solve as much small problems as you can.
Accumulated Problems Trigger Bad Moods and Sadness

The five senses you have are not just there for no reason, they are they to give you information about the world that you live in. the more you sense these problems and ignore them, the more you are likely to be down and in sadness and in bad mood.

Another example, if overweight is one problem that you have, over eating or passing in front of a mirror will bring up some bad mood in you. So when you are over-weight, the act of over-eating and passing through a mirror is a source of reminder that they is an accumulated problem that you have to deal with.

We are just talking about one problem right? What do you think will happen to the mood of a person that has ten unresolved problems? You will constant see and sense thing that will remind you of your problems and in this state, you will always feel sad and be in a bad mood.
How body language affects moods

Have you ever noticed that people that are feeling down and sad hardly have their backs straight? Whenever they are in this mood, they tend to bow their head low in disappointment.

Surprising as it might sound; your posture has an effect on your mood just as gestures also have effects on your mood. It is possible that you can start to feel better when you sit straight up for a few minutes.
Becoming a Slave to Negative Thinking

There is a negative thinking cycle that comes into action as soon as you begin to feel down. People in this state begins to perceive things negatively and incorrectly, they begin to anticipate more problem and this will in turn make them to feel much more worse.

Small problems like a torn shoe lace might turn out to be a threat and not finding the other show will also turn to be a gigantic problem too.

To deal with this problem, you have to break the negative thinking cycle. The way to do this is to stop thinking of a new problem, start by dealing with the current problem that you have. Do not allow yourself to become a prey to your thoughts and imaginations. What you have to do is master them and be in charge of them, take control of them.
Know the reason(s) to end your bad moods

Another solution that is as effective as solving your smaller problems is discovering the reason(s) behind your bad mood. This is because, not being able to identify your source of bad mood can turn out to become a problem of itself and in turn bring about sadness and bad mood too.

To summarize the information in this article, you have to isolate your problems, deal with them one after the other and stop ignoring the small ones and accumulating them. Don’t sink yourself in negative thinking rather break the cycle and you will succeed in reducing your bad feelings.

If you love this article, share it with your friends and ask them to share it too; not because you feel like doing it, but because someone who is worried and is feeling bad might need this information to feel better and you would have done a good thing today.

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