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Monday, May 22, 2017

How to help a sad friend feel better and become happy

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Past rejections can cause fear of intimacy and love

Past rejections can cause fear of intimacy and love

We are going to be talking about how you can help to someone in a sad and bad mood feel better. But before we proceed I need you to understand that there are lots of ways you can help someone sad feel better and what works for one might not work for another.

Most times it has to do with what caused the sad emotion.

The first rule of helping someone feel better is to be a good listener and allow the person in question vent his or her emotions and anger.

The next step which is another rule is to never assume that your friend is right. This is one mistake many people make. Give advice immediately after hearing the person complain. If your friend is experiencing a certain problem because of he or she lacks confidence then the problem is not the source, getting confidence is the only solution.

What I am trying to say is avoid over empathizing with your friend so that you don’t get carried away by the emotions of the moment. Try to find out the root cause of their sad feelings

Another tip you is finding the key to your friend’s bright side. If you can do this you can change his or her emotions in a few seconds. It could be a favorite music, a “what if” question”, reminding him of his dreams and aspirations,…. Etc.

Little thing like this can change someone’s mood in a few seconds so finding that of your friends can help you change their moods when they are sad.

And if these tips do not work?

I can agree with your that sometimes motivational tips do not work. It could be that the person in question already has an opposite belief that does not correspond to the advice you are giving to your friend.

What you should do in situations like these is that you should find out the logic your friend has that is limiting his or her belief.

Some people have so tied themselves to false beliefs that they have given up hope about themselves and life in general. Identifying these false beliefs can help deal with this situation.

Just know that most people give themselves false beliefs even without trying. If your friend is in this situation, ask your friend if he or she has tried it before. Most times these false beliefs are just assumptions and conclusion based on what someone told them or what they saw.

When you advice someone, telling this person to trust you or believe you or even swearing that you are right might not work. How about you give this person real life stories and personal experiences that you know of. It is easier convincing people when you have proof that when you are just swearing.

These are just a few tips that can help to make a sad friend happy and feel better.

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