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Monday, May 22, 2017

How to identify why you are feeling bad or sad

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For those that do not know why there are feeling bad?

How to get over sad moods and bad emotions

How to get over sad moods and bad emotions

If you are a person that do not know why you are feeling bad or out of the multitude of issues you have, you cannot single out the one that is causing you to feel bad, there is a very good technique that can enable you single out the exact cause of the bad mood that you are having.

One advantage that this technique has is that, as you continue to use it to identify the main problem, even if you miss the target, you will benefit in return, that is to say whether you achieve your aim or not, you will always benefit every time you use this technique. Just read on.
How to identify the major problem that is causing the bad mood

We are talking of an instance where you are not sure if it is the pile of work you have at the office or the recent break-up with your boy/girl friend or wife or your disliked body image that is causing your bad mood.

If this is your case, for you to achieve solving this problem, you have to attack all the problems as if all of them are the cause of your bad mood. That is to say that you have to start solving the entire problem at your disposal as if they are the particular cause of your bad mood even if they are or are not.

Let me give you an example, just like the office or break-up problem that I mentioned earlier, if say you have three problems bothering you, you have to attack all three of them. To do this, you can start going to the gym, start dealing with your pile of work one after the other or read articles and books that are about break ups. There are a lot of them out there.

Even after solving a particular problem and it is not the major cause of the problem, at least you will be relieved that you solved a problem. Dealing with either break-up, or building a better body image will reduce your level of worry much more than when all three were all piled up together.
What if solving the problem can’t be done quickly?

That should not bother you, solving the whole problem permanently is not what you need to stop feeling bad. The fact that you have started solving the problem is enough to give a sign to your subconscious mind so that you can stop feeling bad.

If the image of your body is the main problem, the moment you start going to the gym, you will begin to feel much better and confident and the negative feeling will begin to disappear naturally.

The source of your bad mood is your mind and the reason it is sending you this message is because it wants you to do something about it. The moment you begin to do something in that direction, the bad mood naturally disappears.

If you choose to adopt an escape method which is a temporary solution, the problems will only pile up and make you feel much worse in the future.

Let me give you one practical example, if you choose to get drunk in other to escape your problems, you can only get drunk and for that moment alone forget the problem. But when you become sober, the possibility of becoming sadder is high. Why? This is because one, you did not succeed in solving the problem and two, you might have succeeded in adding drunkenness to your lists of problems.

If you love this article, share it with your friends and ask them to share it too; not because you feel like doing it, but because someone who is worried and is feeling bad might need this information to feel better and you would have done a good thing today.

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