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Monday, May 29, 2017

How to understand people and their actions and psychology

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How to understand people and their actions?

We are going to be looking at how to understand people and their actions and also to understand their psychology.

For people that are not students of psychology, it is easier for them to judge the actions of people based on a superficial level rather than knowing the real cause of their actions.

An example is when a person did not come on time for an appointment that you made with them; you naturally assume that the person is not a punctual person. But when you take a look at why that person was late psychologically, you might get to find out that the person has been using procrastination to escape from a task that he or she was suppose to carry out.

From every strange action that a person takes, we meant to understand that they are reasons behind it and if you look at it from a psychological point of view, you would understand.

Let us take a look at how we can be able to understand people, their actions and their psychology.
Understanding people based on past experiences

Let us take a look at an adult that is known to be an attention seeking adult. You might think that this adult is just being too rational or a show off but when you look back into the childhood of this person, you will get to see that this person received a lot of attention for their parents and they grow up demanding such level of attention from people.

Girls that are sometimes homosexual or are afraid to give their heart to men might do so as a result of see the parent cheating on each other or one cheating on the other.

So for you to understand a person more, you will have to understand what that person is trying to achieve or protect based on the person’s childhood experience.

If you are able to judge someone’s action from this perspective, many action that they take might seem weird to people but to you simple.

Let us take a look at a girl that people might call a tomboy. She wears black hat and most of her friends are boys. Girls like her might begin to see her as a strange person because of the way she behaves and her choice of dressing and friends. But if you should take a peep at that girls childhood experience, you might begin to understand why she is the way she is.

There are girls that come from families where their parents preferred a male child. Such child might begin to see being female as being weak and to prevent this she develops a desire to be strong or at least look strong; she develops a male personality to avoid being weak subconsciously.
Trying to understand the superstructures of people

There is not much to understand when it has to do with the different sides of a person’s personality. When you take a look at this, you will understand that these different sides are one big network is very connected.

Though it might sound strange but some people that are scared of darkness might do so because of their childhood experience. There are cases of people being afraid of darkness just because their parent died. There are also other cases of people that are scared whenever they are in a dark room. The darkness might remind them of the job insecurity their parents had or the alcohol addiction of their parent. Though you might think that these two scenarios are different where it is clear that they are related.

When you want to judge somebody, you should know that everything you see in their lives, their dreams, actions, habit, their attitude are all interconnected directly or indirectly
Few steps that you can use to better understand people psychologically

Let us take a look at what I have been saying since for you to generally find it easy to understand people.

For you to better understand why someone took a certain action, you should look beyond it, rather try to look at the intention behind the person’s actions no matter how weird it is.

People actions and attitude might be as a result of their unmet needs. So for you to better understand a person, you will have to take a look at their action based on this perspective. Unmet childhood needs are strong motivators to why they act the way they do.

For every action and attitude and experience that a person has in their life, know that they are all interconnected. An example is when you see a person that gives great importance to great clothes, it might be that the person might have been rejected in the past by an opposite sex and this action is taken to boost self image.

Finally, know that this article is not enough to cover the topic to help you better understand a person but know that they provide you the basics for better understanding of a person actions and characters.

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