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Sunday, April 30, 2017

How women can handle and deal with disappointing relationships

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How women can handle and deal with disappointing relationships

How women can handle and deal with disappointing relationships

Most women are not aware of how they can overcome the disappointments they experience in their relationship with the men in their lives.

Well we are going to be talking about that in this article.

Most times we feel like we are in control of our lives, but when a relationship is involved, other people become a factor to the control we have over our lives.

Because we care about them and allow them into our innermost emotional circle, it becomes easy for them to hurt us with their actions and thoughts.

But because we might experience disappointments in our lives from time to time, this does not mean that we would stop having relationships and loving people.

What is more important for women is to learn how to deal, handle and overcome disappointments in their relationship so that they can be able to move on after situations like these.

Someone loving you today might change tomorrow so you should be ready to face a situation like this when they arise.

The reason why it hurt people the most is that they assume that men would respond to things they the way they  would, would care the way they do and think in a similar way like they do. Well my friend it is not always like that.

Allowing yourself live in a fantasy land of your hopes, dreams, ideas, beliefs, expectations, and assumptions will only make you hurt yourself the more.

So rather than this, here are some steps to follow to overcome disappointments from men.

How to overcome disappointments from men

  1. Be aware of reality.

Reality is the present and trying to deny that it exists sets you up for more disappointments. Remember how you were treated in the past and compare them to how you are being treated now. This will give you an idea as to what to do and expect from the relationship. Do not be fooled to think that things will be different from how they are.

  1. Stop manipulating situations.

This is another situation that is born of not becoming aware of reality. Because we have certain expectations from men like validation and approval, we speak and behave in certain ways to try to elicit the desired reaction.

When our expectations are not met, we end up feeling disappointed and empty. There is no need trying to change anyone, he is the only one that can decide to change.

  1. Let go.

This is the situation where you let go of your expectations and assumptions of what the perfect man is and will look or behave like.

You should let go of your hopes, wishes, and dreams of the perfect man. This is the state of getting out of fantasy land and becoming open to all possibilities. Stay in the present and stop allowing your mind run into the future.

  1. Focus on those who love you.

After you are done with step number three, then start focusing on the people that make you feel loved, connected, cared for, and worthy. This is like living in the present because these are the people that really think about you. Reach out to them and reconnect because that is what you need in your life right now.

  1. Learn to love yourself.

Most people work so hard for approval and compliments from people that they feel disappointed when they do not get it. Rather than wait for someone to give you the things you desire, why don’t you give them to yourself?

You want compliments, compassion, or encouragement, then give them to yourself because even when no one is saying or acting it, you know you deserve it.

A little self love is enough to deal and overcome any disappointments in relationships with men. You are the one that knows what you truly need and you have to power to give it to yourself.

One of the secret of building self-confidence is to love and compliment you. Never be afraid to take charge of that moment when you are alone and shaky to look in your eyes in the mirror and say, “I love you.”


These are some of the tips that can help you deal with disappointment in relationships.

Another reason why women are unable to hold on to your man is that you know nothing about the secret desires of men.

When you understand men better then maybe you will be able to hold them and keep them focused on you. By the time I am writing this article I was promoting two products below this article. If by the time you are reading this article there are still there, then click on them.

If not I will do my best to get more guides for my readers.

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