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Monday, May 22, 2017

How you can overcome and handle any embarrassment in life and any situation

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The norms and tradition of the society that we live in has affected our mentality so much so that we get embarrassed based on our assumption of what we assume the society will accept or not.

How to stop feeling ashamed disgraced and embarrassed

How to stop feeling ashamed disgraced and embarrassed

Which means that the embarrassing feelings we have is based on our assumptions and perceptions even when the people around us do not feel this way.

Some people can feel so embarrassed and disgraced that they hide in their apartment for days. They only come out when they believe that people have forgotten about the disgraceful situation.

That again is another perception and assumption.

But handling this emotion healthily is possible. It is about changing your perception and belief about what disgrace really is.

If you will agree with me, most embarrassing moments are caused by mistakes on our side. How you see these mistakes determine how you feel about the disgrace you feel.

In moments like this it is normal to feel bad and a bit sad, but if you change your perception that mistakes are all part of life, you can deal with this feeling anytime it occurs.

You making mistake means that you are human. Even robots malfunction despite the precision used in manufacturing them.

Why do you kill yourself emotionally any time you make them? Handling and overcoming embarrassing feelings relies a lot on your ability to see every situation like this as a mistake and lesson to learn.

People or someone might laugh because they are deformed about what mistakes are. So they are the ones in need of help and not you.

People that look out for the mistakes others make so they can laugh have a serious issue with themselves and most times love to put others down to feel good about themselves.

I bet you that people like this have so many embarrassing moments in their closet that they would never want others to learn of.

Allowing embarrassing moments to get the best of you means that you don’t like making mistakes in public and you rely on people’s perception for self-worth.

Feeling worthy does not have be rated to how people see or think of you. You cannot change this aspect of people so allowing their thoughts of you control your life in general is wrong and can deny you lots of things.

It is time you approach every presumed embarrassing situation with confidence knowing that it is all part of life and being human.

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