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Monday, May 29, 2017

I can’t explain why I am feeling sad: The answer

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I can’t explain why I am feeling sad

I can't explain why I am feeling sad

I can’t explain why I am feeling sad

This is one problem that people are facing daily and psychologist can testify to that because they receive a lot of patients with this problem daily.

We are in a jet age, technology seems to be driving almost everything, unless your grandma was born in the 19th century, it is hard to see someone that cannot operate a TV. Operating a cell phone and driving a car is getting common as the day goes by. It is easier for people to understand newer technology as they come out but people forget to know the most important thing in their life, which is themselves.

Just like I wrote in one of my article titled why you are feeling bad, I said that when you are feeling bad and you do not know the reason why, then know that your subconscious is trying to pass a message to you for you to take necessary actions.

When your car is out of fuel, it gives you a sign that it needs refueling or it will shut down, so it is the same for your body. It gives you signs that thing are not right and you have to do something.
What to do when you don’t know why you are sad

If the source of your sadness is because you have a lot of work piled up then it is okay because you will feel relieved and happy once you are done with the work.

The sadness you feel before starting to do the work is a source of motivation for you to take action; that action is to start doing the work; the sadness becomes a source of motivation for you. This is exactly the same phenomenon when you can’t understand the reason why you are feeling sad. So when this is the case for you, then have it at the back of your mind that you subconscious is trying to motivate into taking action, doing something.

The moment you take the right action, you will begin to experience some peace and ease because you subconscious do not need the bad mood any more.
Knowing the reason why you are feeling sad

It has always been the way of people to ignore problems when the meet it and bury it in their subconscious.

For you to fully understand the reason for constant sad mood, it is important that you dig deep into your subconscious and deal with those problems that are buried in them, those ones that you have been denying and trying to escape from. Bring those problems into your conscious mind and try to understand and know how to deal with them.

People put so much effort in trying to forget about their problems, they try to keep their selves very busy so as not to think about their problem. But the real truth is that no matter how hard you try, these problems cannot be forgotten by your subconscious. The problems are still there waiting for you and once in a while, they will be troubling you and one way of doing that is through bad mood, the type that you might not be able to understand why.
Suppressed emotions must leak out somehow

If you insist on ignoring your problems and choose to suppress them and bury them in your subconscious mind, they always have other ways of coming out such as bad dreams, sudden harsh reactions, depression and frustration that you cannot explain its source.

For you to be able to deal with these unexplainable bad moods, try to identify your problems and deal with them one after the other. Soon you will notice the peace gradually coming in because you are taking the right step.

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