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Monday, May 22, 2017

I Want To Improve My Mood, What Should I Do?

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I Want To Improve My Mood, What Should I Do?

I Want To Improve My Mood, What Should I Do?

How yo can improve your mood and be happier in life

How can I improve my mood always and be at peace with myself?

I heard someone ask the question and I wished I could help him. The reason is because this young man has a wrong notion of what happiness is.

He believed that happiness is something you can get from a source, but what he did not understand is that the happiness he sought for was in him.

If you want to improve your mood you have to deal with your past accumulated bad emotions.

If you don’t deal with them, little things can get you really angry. Not because it is big or strong enough to make you feel bad but because it is an icing on the cake of bad emotions you have been accumulating in you.

Our subconscious most of the time sends us signals about what we should do in forms of sadness and worries.

When you ignore or suppress these emotions, it continues to send you stronger signs which can ultimately lead to depression if you continue to ignore them.

Being able to control and improve your mood has a lot to do with self awareness. If you are conscious of your emotions and self you can be able to identify sources of your bad emotions.

I believe you want to improve your mood and feel good all the time, then the solution is to provide a permanent solution to these negative emotions that you have.

Some people are used to solving and suppressing their emotion using different means.

Some of them use food, some travel, some use alcohol and drugs, I know someone that uses sleep.

But whichever one you use, I want you to understand that these are just short term solutions to long term problems.

The true solutions and key to peaceful life is to identify the sources of your problem and deal with them.

If you have been putting of an assignment you are supposed to have carried out, now will be the best time to attend to it.

It is much easier to deal with these sad emotions when you know their sources. But in a situation when you are sad and don’t know the source, you can write down all your suspected sources and start attending to them one after the other.

As you attend to them, you will notice that sad emotions becoming less visible and less powerful in you.

I believe this is how you can deal with your bad emotions and improve your moods.

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