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Friday, May 26, 2017

Job Seekers: Do Not Apply For Vacancies That Do Not Match Your Skill Sets

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I am writing this job post to advice job seekers to stop applying for vacancies that do not match their skills set.

This is one mistake most of them make – applying indiscriminately for jobs that they neither have the skills nor experience for.

Employers don’t smile at these job applications, most especially when it is not coming from applicants they desire to hear from.

How do you think you will feel when you go through the pile of resumes in your email only to find out that most of them are from people that don’t have the skills you are looking for? I am sure that you will not be happy about it.

How Will You Defend Yourself During Interview?

Let us assume that you are lucky enough to get called up for an interview, how then will you respond to technical questions that interviewers will ask you.

There is a greater chance of you not making it through the interviews especially when it comes in stages. This is with the exception that you have ideas and experiences with this job.

In conclusion, I strongly suggest that you look for job vacancies that suits your skill sets and if you don’t have these skills then you should get yourself trained and do indicate in your resume that you are newly trained so that employers know what to expect from you.

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