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Monday, May 22, 2017

Learn To Appreciate Your Work To Do Your Job Effectively

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Learning how to be effective in your career

When you come up with innovative ways to do your job, you can be able to do your job effectively and be more productive. One of such ways is to reconstruct your mindset and appreciate your efforts towards your job.

This appreciation can help you become effective and see your job not as a stressor but a source of motivation to want to do something better.

Let us take a look at the job a janitor does, their job by study shows give them a for of satisfaction and they enjoy doing what they do. When a janitor comes into a dirty room, he or she knows what to do. By the time they are done with their job, they leave feeling satisfied with what they’ve accomplished.

This is the kind of mentality every career person should develop so as to change the way they work. A little change in perception is all it takes to transform your life and your work is not any different.

You should be able to reflect on your day’s activities and be proud of what you’ve accomplished. You should so proud that you inspire yourself to want to do better the next day. This perception will indeed help you become a better you and improve your career stance.

Your appreciation needs action and you can do this with celebrating your daily achievement. Little ways on how you can celebrate your daily achievements are stated below:

Listen to your favorite song: To congratulate yourself on how much efforts you’ve put into your work, you can play your favorite music and sing along with the artist. A little dance step will not hurt too. Just appreciate yourself and let your subconscious know that your job is not a form of stressor rather a form of improving yourself.

Take a short walk and appreciate the fresh air: When you are done with your days job, you can talk a walk and appreciate the freshness of nature while reflecting on how much you have done and will still do. This reflection will give you a positive boost to how you feel about your job.

Call a good friend or colleague: You can have a chat with your friends or colleague and tell them about a particular accomplishment. Let them celebrate with you and challenge yourself by telling them what you plan on accomplishing in the future. Make them hold you accountable if you do not complete the journey. This way you can be able to motivate yourself to do more.

Eat a small piece of dark chocolate: If chocolate is your thing you can have a dark small piece all to yourself in appreciation of what you have been able to accomplish. It is all about giving yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

Write a couple lines in your gratitude journal: If you keep a journal, you can write down a couple of lines in appreciation to what you have done for the day.

What other ways do you know?

I hope to hear from you on ways you use in celebrating your days activities. If you have not practiced this before, well you should. You will be surprised at how you will begin to appreciate your job. And if your style is not written here, I will like to know how you intend to appreciate your day’s effort starting from today.

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