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Monday, May 22, 2017

Obstacles to your goals might not be as hard as they seem if you hold on to your dream

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It is funny how sometimes you tell someone your plans, goals or dreams and they ask you if you are crazy.

Pursuing your goals and sticking to it

Pursuing your goals and sticking to it

You ask them why they think so and they start giving you a thousand and one reasons why your dream is impossible to achieve and how many obstacles are impossible to surmount.

If you are the type that falls easily to fear and allow these false beliefs to overshadow you, you might be forced to give up on your own dream.

Many people have given up on their dreams without trying at all just because someone told them it is hard and impossible.

I am here to tell you that these obstacles might seem like a mountain from a distance but if you are courageous to approach them you might discover that they are not as hard as you thought they were.

Even if they are tough, your obstacles being easy for you mean that these goals are not worth the while.

If you are going for after something precious you must be ready to pay the price. So someone telling you that your obstacles are impossible to overcome does not mean it really is. Nothing is impossible to with courage and faith you can overcome any challenge and achieve great things in your life.

Hear me my friend; I have made this mistake before – abandoning my dream because someone told me it was hard. I would not want you to make similar mistakes because you will live your life regretting it.

This is especially when you see people that held on to similar dream reaping the fruit of their labor. I am back on track and would want you to do the same. Never derail from the path you have set for yourself to be happy in life because someone thinks you can never be happy.

Leave me a comment and let’s share in your experience.

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