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Monday, May 29, 2017

Overcoming discouragement: How to get past discouragement and rejection

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Rejection, funny enough how it has become part of our daily lives and a factor that we cannot do without. Whenever people reject and discourage our ideas and plans we tend to feel bad about it because support from people we care about gives us a psychological boost. But when a person is not strong willed, they tend to give up after much discouraging pressure.

If you have got a new idea, something strange and out of the box that you believe in, then get ready to be discouraged. I think that when you are about to embark on something important and you did not receive any form of rejection and discouragement, then you should pause and rethink that course.

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Have you ever read a story of any great achievement that never met any resistance? If it did not meet any resistance then it is not great. Because greatness is appreciated after overcoming the hustles and tussles on the way to success.

I have received my own share of discouragements on new projects I embarked on. For some I succeeded and for others I failed but it did not discourage me to keep trying new things towards achieving my dreams and goals.
Why people discourage you?

From my experience, there are certain observations I have come to notice in people that discourage you and I generalized it in these three factors:

Ignorance and lack of understanding: When people are ignorant of your dreams and visions and what it takes to achieve them, they tend to discourage you. Because they don’t have the slightest of ideas what you are working on, they tend to think that it will never work.

They want to remain in their comfort zone: They are people that are afraid to come out of their comfort zone to try new things. For people like this, it is all about security. They will rather remain average and where they are than suffer for a while to get what they want from life. When people like this see you doing something quite differently, they tend to get uncomfortable and try to discourage you.

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Jealousy: This is mostly seen in both people that are afraid to come out of their comfort zones and people that have tried in the past and failed and refuse to try again. They are people that will discourage you because you have the guts to try what they don’t have the guts to try. These are people that prefer to stay in their comfort zones than try something that will serve them better on the long run. When you embark on this journey of yours without listening to them, they get jealous and hope you fail. Before then, they try to discourage you out of jealousy.

They are others that will discourage you out of jealousy because they have tried and failed and refuse to try again. They discourage you because they are scared that you might achieve something they could not.

Change has been a pill that people have always found hard to swallow; it takes a while for humans to adjust to changes that are made in their life. But whenever humans can, they tend to resist change whenever it comes. So when you are on a quest to bring change in your life, know that people will naturally want to resist you, not because they don’t want something good that might come out of it, but because they are resistant to the change naturally.
What to do to overcome discouragement and rejection

The first step in overcoming discouragement is by believing in yourself and your course. Without faith in yourself and your course means that you will give up along the way either by people’s discouragement or the discouragement you give to yourself.

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Now that you have come to terms that discouragement and rejection is something that you will definitely encounter, then you know that what you have to do is ignore those that are trying to bring you down. Rather than listening to them, focus on your dreams and goals and be steadfast.

Doing this you will definitely get you to where you are going. Don’t give up now because your success might just be a few steps away.

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