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Monday, May 22, 2017

Signs that show that a woman is a love addict

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Signs that show that a woman is a love addict

Signs that show that a woman is a love addict

Do you want to know if a woman or girl you know is a love addict?

Then you are in the right article because we are going to be talking about it in this article.

The issue of love addiction is a complicated one for some people and mistake it for love even when some people find it really simple.

As a matter of fact it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think when you understand simple signs.

Now we shall be looking at signs you can see in a woman and you know she is a love addict.

How to know a woman is a love addict

  1. Not loving till he loves you back:

There are some women that rarely fall in love with people they meet until one day they felt like the man loves them and then they fall in love with him. If this is your style then you might a love addict.

  1. Feeling down and sad when you are not in a relationship:

There are women that cannot stand being single and alone. Whenever they find themselves not in a relationship, they feel sad and bad. They feel like they are unworthy. This is another strong sign that a woman is a love addict.

  1. Always feeling down and bad when you are alone:

Even when some women are in a relationship they can’t bear being alone. This makes them feel bad and sad and it is a sign that you are a love addict.

  1. Falling in love more often:

Falling in love constantly, week in week out with anybody else is another possibility that a woman can be a love addict.

Are you a love addict?

Looking at the four signs of love addiction that are stated above the question now remains, are you a love addict?

Having two or more of the signs stated above is a sign that you might be a love addict and need to do something about it.

When you are a love addict you tend to find yourself in unstable relationships unlike true love that endures.

When you are a love addict you tend to make wrong choices based on your addiction and not because it is right for you. This is why women that are love addicts tend to experience failures and disappointments in relationship.

How you can deal with love addiction and overcome it

The only way you can deal with you love addiction is to find out the root cause of the problem. For example if low self-esteem is the reason why you are feeling unloved, the only way to deal with your problem is to solve your esteem issues.

Running into a relationship with the hope of solving your unloved feeling issue is a quick fix and not the permanent solution to the real problem.

It is certain that unless you treat the low self-esteem you feel you are most likely to find yourself in messy relationships that do not last. Building your self-esteem on the other hand will provide you the permanent solution you need.

If you are not a love addict

If you are now sure that you don t exhibit any of the signs stated above and you know that you are balanced in making your own relationship decisions, then you need to learn more about men and what they want from you in a relationship.

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