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Friday, May 26, 2017

Stable people personality traits and characteristics

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What are the characteristics of a stable personality? What are the traits you see in people that are stable in character and personality?

When someone is stable you can say that this person is reliable. They are constant, fixed and quietly resistant in attitude.

It takes a lot of discipline to maintain this life style because remaining stable amidst distraction takes some level of strength of character.

People that are stable are balanced in mind and emotion. They rarely panic and stay calm in the face of trouble. This is because they already have their way planned till the end against possible outcomes.

When you want to deal with delicate matters and need someone to help you out, you will need a stable person because they are reliable, safe and secure.

Stable people are confident and sure of themselves and their plans. They are unwavering and tend to instill some form of confidence in people that they are dealing with.

When you believe in yourself it gets easy to make someone believe in you because your body language does all the talking for you.

Stable people rarely give room for vulnerability in their dealings and actions. They are not weak and shaky because their plans are always airtight. This means that they don’t give room for flexibility and failure in whatever they get themselves involved with.

This is a personality that has its pros outweighing the cons though sometimes people like this tend to spend lots of time securing themselves and their ventures rather than being spontaneous.

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