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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Staying motivated in your quest for success

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Staying motivated in your quest for success

At the initial time you came up with an idea, there is this buzz and rush that comes into you to want achieve everything at once. But you notice that after some time, you see yourself losing steam, even forgetting the initial reason why you started that quest.

When you get to this stage, what you really need is to stay motivated. This is the time you need as much psychological support as you can get and this is definitely not the right time to stay close to people that talk down on you and your ideas. When you hang around them long enough and at this stage when you are losing steam, it gets easier to abandon your quest and give up.

When you have first separated yourself from negative people, you can then seek for other ways to stay motivated while you carry on with your ideas. In this post, I outlined some ideas on how you can stay motivated in your quest to succeed and do something great in your life.

How to stay motivated and accomplish almost anything

1. Set a goal and visualize it down to the minutest detail.


There is great power in visualization. When you use it to your own advantage and effectively, you are bound to stay motivated all through your journey. It is easy to fire up your inspiration and hunger to achieve with just simple changes in perception. This change can be effected with what you feed your mind and this feeding can be done with your visualization.

Thinking about what you want to achieve, how you are going to achieve it, steps you will take to achieve it and how you will celebrate your achievement can give you a strong boost in your motivation.

When you visualize, you are feeding your subconscious the message the messages it needs to stay motivated. How motivated you are is determined by your subconscious and its willingness to continue on any give quest.

One fact about our subconscious is that it wants to stay happy and at peace at all time. When you are involved in a quest that is not yet bringing in results, your subconscious tends to lose interest in that quest because it derives no joy from it.

But in your visualization, you can show it pictures it stand to gain if it encourages you to carry on. With constant visualization, you can stay motivated for as long as it takes to complete your journey and attain success.

2. Make a list of the reasons why you want to accomplish the goal

It is easier to accomplish goals when you know why you want to achieve them. Embarking on a journey without a good reason feels like a fruitless journey. Every quest has got to have reasons and when the reasons are strong enough, you will stay motivated. 

Think of it this way; what if a spiritualist tell you that you have to walk for seven days on foot to a certain location to get a particular flower that will be used to save your daughter’s life? I want to believe that the reason alone that has to do with saving your child’s life is enough to walk on foot even for 4 weeks if that will save her life.

The reason you give yourself is enough to motivate you all the way. The question remains, how much do you want this dream? How determined you are to achieve this dream of yours is enough to give you reasons – reasons that will motivate you.

3. Break the goal down into smaller pieces and set intermediary targets — and rewards.


If your goals are long term, then you will have to break them into small achievable goals. You cannot take on your goals as big as they are; you will burn out easily because you will not be aware of your progress.

But will smaller achievable goals, you can be able to track your success and see how much progress you’ve made. When your progresses are visible, it is easier to stay motivated and continue on your quest.

4. Have a strategy, but be prepared to change course.


Every course has a plan and strategy. But this does not mean that your strategies must be fail proof. Even as you continue to implement your plans and strategies, know that you are bound to fail once in a while. As these failures and mistakes arise, be ready to readjust your plans and make changes.

Because you changed course and start doing things in a new way does not mean that you are not consistent. As long as you are heading towards the same direction, feel free to adjust your plans and strategies as much as you can to get you what you are seeking for.

5. Get the help you need. 

Nobody has monopoly of knowledge. What this means is that you should ask for help when you need one. Your journey gets easier as you get help along the way. 

As a matter of fact, you can make your journey easier when you go on it with other people that share similar interest. This way all of you can exchange ideas and help yourselves when you need assistance. 

With the combination of your good heads, you are sure to stay motivated as you find your path easier as you walk on. One major demotivating factor is when the journey seems hard and your efforts seem fruitless. You can deal with this by getting as much help as you need.

6. Pre-determine how you will deal with failures.

What is your definition of failure? How you view failure can affect your motivation to continue. It all depends on the message you pass on to your subconscious. If they are positive ones, then you will see the need to continue, but if you have negative mindset, your journey is as good as a fruitless even before you start.

For people that know the true definition of failure, they know that one can rarely come across a path to success without experiencing road bumps along the way. It is these failures that make up the path that leads to success.

You have to view failures from the positive side of view. See them as lessons to learn and grow and become better with these mistakes. Mistakes and failures are not supposed to be seen as how you failed at doing something, they are supposed to be seen as learning how not to do something. At least you learned something.

7. Continually check in with your reasons for carrying on.


The final part of staying motivated is that you continue to check on yourself and reason why you have to continue in this journey. We humans tend to forget with time because new memories and experiences tend to over shadow older ones.

But as long as it has to do with your journey, you have to keep reminding yourself why you entered this race in the first place and why it is important you complete it.

See the Big Picture

Your dreams are the big picture. You have to keep looking at them to motivate your failing desire to continue. The big picture is the main reason why you started the race and more reason why you should continue to the end. It is the big picture that helps you stand up even after falling so many times.

Stay motivated by seeing the big picture. Good Luck!!!

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