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Monday, May 22, 2017

Stop trying to be accepted, loved and to please everybody

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Stop trying to be accepted, loved and to please everybody

I Am a People Pleaser and Always Trying To Please Everyone How Can I Stop?

You can’t please everyone

You can never imagine what some people will go through just to be loved and accepted by people. But what people like this fail to understand is that no matter how perfect you are, you will never please everyone around you and might never be accepted by hundred percent of people around you.

One thing that I have also come to find out in this life is that, there are people that also hate perfection. Humans have always known subconsciously that they are imperfect creatures and this is why perfection seems to be strange for some people and is seen as unusual.

Even Jesus that was seen as the perfect master for Christians was crucified for who he was. Then tell me how anybody can think that they can satisfy everybody around them.

It is so surprising for me when I hear that people committed suicide or are depressed because they did not have many friends or because they think that people hate them. These kinds of people do this because they lack knowledge.

When it comes to making friends, they are ways that you can go about it if you really seek out the knowledge about succeeding socially. But the issue of trying so hard to be accepted by all by being perfect is something that I am discouraging in this article.

The psychology of wanting to be accepted by all is something that dates back to our childhood needs. Growing up, we are always close to people that showed us love. It is this same people that take care of us. This is why we tend to have the need to relate with people and always hunger to be loved by all.

While I am not trying to discourage you from being a person accepted in the society, I am also trying to discourage you from taking it too far and making it your priority. Want to know why? Because you might never succeed in this life long journey of yours.

Yes, it is a life long journey. Because as long as you make it your priority to be loved and accepted by all then you might never go out of duty. Because personally I don’t think it is possible because like I earlier stated, there are people that will hate you for being perfect, that is if you succeed in becoming perfect which is also not possible.

Now here is my advice for you on how to go about this issue of being accepted and loved by all. Yes it is possible to get people to like you, even majority of people you meet but never expect everyone to like you. We’re all imperfect being, so while it is understandable that you will want to make friends and have people love you, don’t force it.

Be yourself because that is the only way that you can be fair to both yourself and people around you. As a matter of fact, the best people that you should value their love are the people that love and accept you for who you really are and not some fake personality.

Perfection is something that can never be achieved; excellence is something that one can work towards. Try to identify those areas that you can change about yourself that will make you a better person and work towards them. As you grow in improving yourself you increase your excellence and improve your relationship with people.

While you are working on areas that need improvement in your life, try to also identify areas that you have no control over and accept them for what they are. Some of those areas are what people feel about you and what they think and say about you.

There is nothing you can do to change that but the improvement you give to your life.

Here is my final conclusion on what I think that you should do. Be yourself, never try to please everyone and value the love of those that love you for whom you are. I also want you to come to terms with this fact; there is nothing you can do on this earth to please everyone, even if you kill yourself for them, some people will blame you for that action and hate you for it.

What I am trying to reiterate is that, rather than trying so hard to make people accept you, work on improving yourself naturally and love people that love you. I really think that if you stick to who you are long enough, people will come to accept you for whom you are and love you for that.

If making friends is the problem, there are tons of articles and books on that, remember that you don’t have to be an angel with wings to make lots of friends. Because there are evil politicians and terrorists that also have lots of friends and admirers too.

Be yourself and be accepted and loved for whom you are

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