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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Strong Tips And Staying Strong During Tough Times

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Strong tips and staying strong during tough times

Life is all about ups and downs we face in our daily walk towards a happier life. Just as there are good times in life, there are also hard times and it is a these times that one needs to be strong and keep head high.

It takes a lot of mental strength to stay strong when everything around you doesn’t seem to be working. If you don’t have the strong personality to hold yourself together, you might see yourself falling into depression because you cannot handle what is going on in your life.

I understand that times can be hard. This is why I decided to write about how you can hold yourself together when you seem like losing it. Please read on and stay strong.

How to handle yourself during tough times

1.  Fully accept the reality of what is.

Sometimes, there are events that will take place in our lives and we would refuse to come to terms with what had happened. When you continue to live like this, you punish yourself. Not coming to terms with the damage that has already happened in your life will definitely destroy you more.

The first stage of getting over hard times is to come to terms with the fact that what has happened has happened. Coming to terms with reality helps you seek for the next step on how you can begin to fix your life.

2.  Remind yourself that everything in life is temporary.

There is nothing in life that is permanent. This is a fact that you must continue to remind yourself. Because things did not go as planned now or because times are hard does not mean that it will always be like this.

You have to understand that nothing is permanent in life. When you understand this then you will begin to follow up with dealing with your life and it challenges with a patient outlook.

But when you see your present predicament as a permanent one, then it means that you’ve lost hope and condemn yourself to eternal damnation. It is this mentality that makes people to become suicidal – when they see no light at the end of the tunnel.

Change this perception so that you can be able to help yourself pass through these trying times.

3.  Push yourself to take another step, and another, no matter what.

It is at this time when it seems like there is no hope that you seem to get stuck and unwilling to take another step. When people fail at something, they are always reluctant to try again and take steps towards achieving their goals.

But know that because it did not work out this time does not mean that it will never work out. Even when your life seem like a lot has been lost, I want you to take little steps one after the other. With every step you take, you will notice that you are will see yourself getting back your life little by little.

Not taking any step at all to pick yourself up means that you’ve lost all hope towards achieving a better life.

4.  Use positivity, rather than letting negativity use you.

Yes, it is at this time that your negative voices will be loudest – telling you how all hope is lost and how you will never be able to recover from your loss. It is not only about the voice within but external voices that might arise too.

There is so much negativity around us and that makes it tough for people to stick to their ideas and run the race to the finish line. But when you notice that you are getting so much negativity from within and from external sources, it is then time to replace them with as much positive message as you can get.

You can get them from supportive friends and family members. Spend more time with them and allow their positive light to shine into your life. At this stage of your life you need little or no negative voice around you.

You can also get positive affirmations from the web and inspirational tapes you can buy from the store. It is easy to sink into despair at this stage and one strong drug to counter such despair is emotional support and positive words. So find them and them in as much as you can. There is no overdose to this drug.

5.  Focus on making tiny fixes.

Now, as you work to keep yourself positive, you should work to make little fixes to the damage in your life. You don’t have to be desperate to make all the changes you desire. When you are desperate for changes, you will begin to lose sight of what really needs to be repaired. You will also find it difficult to notice the change in your life.

But with patience and making little fixes one at a time, you are will see how much difference you make in your life on the long run. Little fixes help because we can liken it to cutting your long term goal to smaller ones. When you take on these goals one at a time, you will only achieve your main goals over time.

So take fixing your life as your major goal and cut them into chips dealing with these little chips one after another.

6.  Look for something small to appreciate.

It does not matter how tough life might be at the moment, no matter how much destruction was brought to your life, take a hard look and you will definitely find something to salvage.

With proper observation, you are sure to find something to be grateful for. Your life can change for the better with a little gratitude and appreciation for what you have left in your life. It is all about the message you pass to your subconscious, letting it know that all hope is not lost and that things can get better.

Your subconscious is very important at a time like this because it reacts to whatever message you send to it. You should ensure that you desist from sending it any form of negative message. When your subconscious feels like all hope is lost, then a lot more damage can be done to you both physically and emotionally.

7.  Give yourself the extra attention you need and deserve.

At this time in your life you need to give yourself every attention that it deserves. When you don’t do this, you might be prone to stress, illness, confusion, broken relationships, fits of anger and bouts of deep, dark depression.

Do not form the habit of neglecting your need at this time of your life by thinking worse of yourself. You have to refuse thinking of yourself like this and change your views and perceptions. When you do this, you will be able to sustain yourself through these tough times.

My Afterthought

Because things are not going as planned does not mean that your life is over. It does also give you the right to send yourself into depression.

You have to seek for safe ways to handle tough times knowing that they are only temporary storms that will pass by. When you have this at heart and adjust to the situation with a positive mindset, you can be able to see yourself through any tough times and still come out victorious.

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