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Friday, May 26, 2017

Success is Difficult When You Don’t FollowYour Passion

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Having passion for something feels like the love you have for your son or daughter. This kind of love is engrained in you so naturally that you are willing to overlook many things that go wrong.

When you follow your passion, you able to pick yourself up and try again no matter how many times you fail.

The reason why many people give up on something after failing a few times is that they have to passion for that quest. But when you have passion for something, it does not matter how many times you fail, you will be willing to try again.

You continue like this because you have passion and you are not in the spirit of giving up. Giving up on your passion is just like giving up on your child because he or she failed a test.

You love this child and you believe that if he or she works harder, success is sure. This is how you feel about something that you have passion for. And when you have this mindset, I see no reason why you will not be a success.

You Are Happy

People that get engaged in their passion are happy people. When you are engaged in something that makes you happy, you are most likely to succeed. Even when your passion is not bringing in much result, because it makes you happy, you are willing to stick to it because you believe in its potential.

Following your passion is sure to make you live a fulfilled life. When you look at the life of people that do not follow their passion, their efforts towards their jobs or business is always mechanical. They keep working hard and grumble at little frustrations and failures.

The more reason why they are not happy is because they refuse to take action, make changes and get engaged in their passion. And the unfortunate fact is that people live their lifetime still not engaging in their passion. Pity.

You are Faster and Achieve More

The zeal you have for your passion will make you work faster and achieve more. You are determined to make it work so the fire in you never runs out of heat. This heat is fuelled by your love for your passion.

It is when you work faster that you are able to achieve more. Not getting involved in something you love doing, you see yourself getting burned out after a while because it is not your thing.

You rarely loose pace and zeal when you are engaged in your passion and this can indeed help you succeed easily.

You Learn Fast

Now let us come to the area of what you learn when engaged in something you have passion for. I remember when I enrolled for a free class on HTML. I was without a laptop but the rest of students had their laptops to themselves. All I did was learn from the tutor and go practice at home with my desktop PC.

Not to brag, I want to believe I performed better than most of them with their laptops not because I was the smarted guy in the room but because I had passion for HTML.

My determination later got me my own laptop and I had never stopped developing websites ever since. Most of them got into other areas and it was clear that they didn’t have passion for HTML as much as I did.

So this is what success is all about when you follow your passion. Even when you fail, you are glad you failed and you learn from the process only to try again.

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