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Friday, May 26, 2017

The Characteristics and Habits of a Perfectionist

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The characteristics and habits of a perfectionist

What are the characteristics of a perfectionist? These are people that want the best out of everything that has to do with them. They don’t want mistakes. They have eyes for details, and ensure that in whatever they do, it comes out as perfect as it should be.

People like this can spend a lot of time trying to achieve perfection and until they do so, they are not ready to move on to another project. The perfection they seek is not always about work but also about them. They expect perfection from themselves that it makes them sad when they make mistakes.

 Let us take a look at other characters you see in perfectionists. 

They don’t see anything good in themselves: 

Perfectionist are so focused on perfection and have unattainable expectations from themselves that they never see anything good in themselves. People might look at them and marvel at their perfect lives but perfectionists don’t see it that way.

To them they are not good enough and still needs lots of work. Even when they think that everything is now okay, they still doubt it and try to find another fault.

They are never happy and satisfied:

Because they never see anything good in themselves, perfectionists are rarely happy and satisfied with themselves. The mentality that they are never good enough is always hunting them. It hurts them to an extent that they sometimes get depressed. Their hunger for perfection deters them from seeing how special they are.

They don’t show gratitude:

Because perfectionists rarely see anything good in themselves, they rarely have anything to the grateful for. The truth about gratitude is that it is one secret passage to a happier life. Even when you are hit with tragedies, gratitude can help you hold yourself together and see that all hope is not lost.

When you now look at the power of gratitude, how then do you think the life of a person that lacks it will look like? I want to believe that it will be full or pain and anger.

It is okay to not be perfect

Seeking perfection is a waste of time. this does not mean that you shouldn’t aim for the best in you, what it means is that rather than seek for perfection, you should seek for excellence.

Excellence is a continuous job and can never come to an end as long as you practice. With every progress you make be grateful for it. With gratitude for every stride, you see yourself becoming happier and easier to deal with.

It is okay to be lacking in some areas and to be imperfect. This is why we are humans. We can only improve and not become perfect. A life of perfection is a life that has lost its thrills and adventure and I don’t think that kind of life will be fun.

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