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Friday, May 26, 2017

What causes someone to be in a bad mood all the time?

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What causes someone to be in a bad mood all the time?

What causes someone to be in a bad mood all the time?

Do you know someone that is always in a bad mood and want to know why this person is always feeling this way? Then read on because we have some reason why this can be so.

When you search the internet for answers on this topic I want to believe that you will get different bloggers writing what they think is the cause or based on their personal experiences.

But the truth is that the answer to this question is quite simple and does not need much explanation.

A lot of things can happen in your life and some of them can go wrong causing you to feel bad. Emotions like sadness, being down and worried enough to have sleepless nights are all signals coming to you from your subconscious.

Yeah, your subconscious is the main reason why you are feeling this way and it is the main reason why someone will always be in a bad mood.

When you have issues in your life that needs attention, your mind will send you these signals so that you can take action and fix them. If you don’t do this and take action, you will continue to get the signals and it only gets fiercer and worse.

Over a long period of time these small signals can only get stronger, so strong enough that they can send you into depression.

Another truth about small problems is that if you don’t fix them they tend to attract other problems to you too causing the worry to increase over time.

So when you see people that are always in bad mood, you check, they have enough issues to deal with and their subconscious has denied them peace and happiness because it wants them to take action.

Their current state most times have to do with them ignoring the problems while there were few and minor. It grew over time till one day they woke up to  discover that their life is a mess and they have allowed lots of things go wrong in their lives.

The thought that there is nothing they can do about it is what is driving them crazy.

However, I strongly believe that all hope is not lost. If they start now to take action and start taking steps to deal with their problem, they would notice the pain and bad moods subsiding.

It can get easier if they are able to identify the biggest problem in their lives that brought about other problems. Sometimes all you need to is attend to the major problem and the rest will die a natural death.

But when you can’t identify the major source of your worry, you can attend to them all and once your subconscious senses that you are now taking action, it will slowly relieve you of the pain and worry it uses as signs.

So I want to believe that I have impacted knowledge in you today. Do leave us comments on your thoughts and experiences and if you feel like you need more information on this topic, click here to see another detailed post on this topic so that you can learn more about anger, bad moods and worry.


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