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Monday, May 22, 2017

What Happens When Couples Are United In Their Marriage?

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What Happens When Couples Are United In Their Marriage?

Then they will have a stronger and happier marriage. The answer is as simple as this. Unity in marriage is an important factor for building a healthy relationship among couples. Partners must come together and agree that no matter what, they must remain united in their decision while keeping outsiders or third parties away from their marriage.

The fact about marriage is that intruders and third parties must make attempts to intrude in your marriage. It is now left for you to recognize their attempts and keep them away from your marriage.

Some people will give you their honest opinion about how you should work out issues in your marriage. Though they always mean well, be reminded that what worked in their marriage might not work for yours. Applying someone else’s marriage technique to yours might be disastrous unless it has to do with promoting a healthy relationship.

If you are to copy another marriage, copy only what makes them happy and keep them strong. But when it comes to dealing with the challenges that arise in your marital life, you should learn to thrash out the issue with your partner.

If you are going to involve external factors like your spiritual head or a marriage therapist, it should be a combined decision and not a personal one unless your partner is doing nothing about fixing the issues in your marriage.

What you should never do is talk about the challenges you are facing in your marriage with outsiders or people that are not professionally trained to handle such issue. If we are talking about an abusive partner, then you shouldn’t be in that relationship at all if your partner refuses to seek for professional help.

When you talk to outsiders about your issues, they are likely to give advice based on their own perception and experience. Need I remind you that their personal experiences has nothing to with your personal experiences too because yours is different from theirs.

Even if your experience is similar to theirs, understand that your personality and temperament is different from this person and so is the same with your partner. What worked for him or her might not work for you.

Let us keep that aside. You might be seeing only troubles and challenges in your marriage while there are those that wish they had what you had. Some people are not just observant to know how lucky they are in their relationships. When you meet someone that is jealous of what you have, that person might give you an advice that might destroy your happiness out of jealousy.

Yes, there are jealous people out there and these people will seize every opportunity to get you out of your marriage because they envy you. Open your eyes to recognize this because you don’t expect them to come out as open enemies; they are most times your best friends and closest pals.

Sticking to your partner and finding healthy and safe ways to thrash out your issues, you see marriage getting strong as the day goes by. For every fight you have, rather than weaken the bond you share, it strengthens it because you both know how to deal with it when it arises.

You might have walked down the park or road someday and see happy couples displaying their public show of affection. I know you desire to have something like that and the fact remains that it is possible. But if you desire it then you must be ready to work for it and one way of doing that is to stick together in your decisions while keeping out external factors and third parties away from your marriage.

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