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Sunday, April 30, 2017

What to do when your friend or strangers tries to make you feel ashamed

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Nobody wakes up in the morning and adds embarrassment as part of their daily plans. Most situations we call disgrace occurs due to mistakes we make.

How to stop feeling ashamed disgraced and embarrassed

How to stop feeling ashamed disgraced and embarrassed

Feeling bad on the other hand is as a result of the perception that it is bad to make certain mistakes while people are watching.

This is wrong and a bad way to live life. Doing all your best to avoid errors in your life because you don’t want to feel ashamed means that your self-worth is reliant on what people say or think about you.

I don’t know if someone has told you this before but there is nothing you can do to change people’s perception and thoughts of you no matter how hard you try.

So why do you care and strangle yourself over people’s feelings or thoughts of you?

Mistakes that causes the shame you feel are perfectly normal and it means that you are human. When your friend or a stranger tries to make you feel bad about it, you walk up to that person and ask him or her these questions:

“Haven’t you ever made a mistake in your life before?”

“Haven’t you ever misspelled a word before?”

“I bet you have mispronounced a word before.”

“I can also bet that there are certain secrets that are more embarrassing than this moment you won’t want people to know about.”

“You accepted these mistakes and got over them, what stops you from accepting this one now?”

You get the idea of what these questions are for. Depending on the situation you can come up with more questions on your own to deal with the situation.

The questions should get the person thinking for a while and at least shut them up at the moment.

Approaching shameful situations with a confident outlook is the fastest way to get out of the bad feelings you have about them.

Hiding your face or running away on the other hand kills you further and confirms that you are yet to free yourself from the bondage or appealing to people’s perception of you to feel worthy.

Break away from this bondage and gain back your freedom. It is time you start living a confident and fulfilled life.

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