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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Why Are My Scared Of Intimacy and Love?

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5 reasons why you are scared of intimacy and love

Why Are My Scared Of Intimacy and Love?

Why Are My Scared Of Intimacy and Love?

We are going to be looking at the reasons why people are scared of intimacy and love.

  1. Fear of rejection and potential loss:

This is often the case of those that have been rejected by someone they once loved. Another scenario is when you lost someone you loved so much in the past.

When you have these fears hunting you, you find it hard letting another person into your inner circle because you are scared that they might reject you again or you might loss them and the former pain is one that you don’t want to feel again.

  1. Childhood trauma:

This is another major cause of the fear of intimacy and love. As children we suffer many traumas and experiences that affect most of our developments.

Memories of the past can indeed affect your ability to allow someone else into your life because you don’t want to experience similar traumas.

  1. OCD features:

This is the case of those that are ashamed of the disorders they have and one of them is OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). People like this might be afraid to let someone into their lives because the lack of control and the uncertainty that this conditions brings to their lives.

The very idea of having such a huge disorder in their lives makes them shy away from getting involved emotionally.

  1. Secret addiction:

Secrets can be a major reason why someone might not want another person entering their inner circle. This is because they don’t know how the person would react or if they would accept them for whom they are.

Secret addiction falls into this category and can be a strong reason why someone is scared of intimacy or love.

  1. Social phobia:

There are those that have this phobia for social activities. This phobia affects in great ways their ability to meet people and to relate with them. Building up a healthy relationship becomes a major issue for them

Well these are the reasons why people can be scared of getting involved and being intimate. But you just have to be courageous and understand that no matter what happens you deserve to be loved.

Leave me a comment about your experience and let us talk about it.

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