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Monday, May 22, 2017

Why Are Women Scared Of Men And Feel Inferior To Them?

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Why Are Women Scared Of Men And Feel Inferior To Them?

Why do woman fear men? What is the reason why women feel inferior to men?

It is not that all women fear men but some of them do and most of them feel inferior to men.

But when you really look at the reasons behind their fear for men, you get to see that it stems down to the inferior feelings.

When you feel inferior to something or someone, the likelihood for you to fear that thing or someone is high. This is same with the case of women and men.

Some women might fear men because of their past experience with men. Rape victims are most likely to see men as monsters and rapist. It all depends on how their trauma was handled after the incident.

If well handled, women like this tend to recover and go ahead to live a normal life.

Now why do many women fear men and feel inferior to them?

When you grow up in a community where men are revered and see as the superior beings in a societal setting, the tendencies for women to feel inferior to them is high.

Because you don’t want to be seen as different, you tend to conform to your societal standards.

In many parts of the world, women are made to believe that they are inferior because of their sex. This makes them develop inferiority complex before men thereby fearing them.

You don’t someone to show you how the society we live in today makes women believe that they have to leave the important tasks for the men. Cultures are promoting the worship of men’s masculinity.

We all have one time in our lives or the other head someone tell a young man “be a man” when they are scared or want to cry.

People do this without knowing that indirectly, they are making both men and women understand that men are better and women are weaker. These are some of the reasons why women feel inferior to men.

Remarks like this have their ways of sticking to our subconscious causing the societal settings we find ourselves in.

Solution to women being scared of men

The only way we can deal with this situation is to stop reinforcing all avenues that make women believe that they are inferior to men.

It is going to be difficult changing the mindset of some women. The only way we can try is to make them understand the root cause of their emotions.

This way they can begin to understand that they are not supposed to be scared of men. Understanding the source of these inferior feelings will help them deals with their fears.

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