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Friday, March 24, 2017

Why Do My Friends Suddenly Start Avoiding Me?

Why Do My Friends Suddenly Start Avoiding Me?

Why Do My Friends Suddenly Start Avoiding Me

Why Do My Friends Suddenly Start Avoiding Me

There are more than one reason why your friends can start avoiding you for no reason. You were friends this week and all of a sudden they can’t just stand your presence.

If you are sure that you have done nothing wrong, then you will have to take steps to find out why your friend suddenly started avoiding you all of a sudden.

First you will have to talk to your friend and understand why he or she is avoiding you. If they are good with expressing their emotions and how they truly feel, they will tell you why.

But when your friends cannot seem to come up with a good reason why they are avoiding you, then you have to examine yourself and find out what changed or is changing about you.

Sometimes jealousy can be a major issue. Feeling left behind because you made changes in your and not being able to express themselves, your friends might begin to avoid you.

This friend of yours might be feeling intimidated by your victories and achievement and feeling cheated, they avoid you.

I know they are your friends but jealousy can make people do unimaginable things. So avoiding you is just one of a few ways someone that is feeling jealous of your achievements could react.

So you do your research and you might come up with the right answer and the reason why your friends are avoiding you.

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