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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Why do people think that some things and dreams are impossible to achieve in life?

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I hear people talk about how certain things are impossible in this life but I look at them and laugh because if great men in history thought like them we would never have the level of technological advancements we have today.

Achieving your goals in very possible

Achieving your goals in very possible

Talking about the dreams you have and plan to achieve them and goals you are pursuing – it is my advice that is the people around you do not share similar mentality and mindset, you should not tell them about it.

This is because if there have mediocre mindset, they would tell you that it is impossible stating a thousand and one reasons why you will fail.

If you spend more time around people like this the tendency of believing them with time is high. So it is either you stay away from them or never let them know of your plans. You should rather share with likeminded people and those that understand and will support you.

People tend to think that some things are impossible because of so many reasons but I will state three of them here so that you recognize them when you see them:

Fear: Fear of failure might make someone think that some things are impossible. People like this never try at all. They are only sure of steady pay checks and security – things they are sure of.

Mind you that they might have great dreams and wonderful ideas, having the courage to follow them are what they don’t have. People like this will always tell you to play it safe. You know like I do that pursuing your dream has nothing to do with playing it safe.

Jealousy: This is an advanced form of fear. Because they are scared that you will achieve something they cannot they try to dissuade you from continuing.

These are the worst of their kinds and you should run away from them on discovering this trait because they can do almost anything to sabotage your dreams and efforts.

Failures: The third kinds are those that have tried a few times and failed and they came to a conclusion that no one else can achieve similar goal.

These are the people that will give you a thousand and one reasons why you will be wasting your time. These are the negative minds. Giving up after a few failures made them give up and they don’t want you to try at all.

Pursuing your goals and sticking to it

Pursuing your goals and sticking to it

Mind you that listening to constructive advice and critisicms is important so you should be able to differentiate between someone that is trying to help you from someone that is trying to stop you entirely. The two are different.


Spending time with people like this is not only detrimental to your well being but also to your life in general because you don’t tend to live to your full potentials with them around you.

So apply wisdom and do yourself a lot of good by spending less time with them.

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