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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Why you can’t stop thinking of someone

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Why you can’t stop thinking of him/her

Why you can't stop thinking of someone

Why you can’t stop thinking of someone

I can’t stop thinking of him.

I keep thinking of her. My heart keep skipping anytime I see him or her.

I want to believe that you think your heart can’t help but fall in love with this person you are thinking of. But I want to let you know that your heart has nothing to do with this emotion you are feeling.

The decisions to love or hate someone is made by your mind or to better put it your subconscious.

Hollywood and their movies have so conditioned people to think that true love comes from the heart, believing that love is a supernatural phenomenon that cannot be explained. I want to let you know that they are wrong.

I know I sound like an alien right now but any well trained psychologist will tell you the same thing. The love you feel most of the time is a way your mind use in telling you that someone is important to you.

How do you think your subconscious makes decision of who is important  and who is not in your life? Well I will tell you.

In your subconscious there is this checklist of traits and qualities a potential partner should possess. The items in your check list are of course unique and specific to you depending on your background, values, past experiences and beliefs.

If you meet someone for the first time, your mind compares what it see to the checklist it has. If this person possesses more of these traits, you mind see this person as important to you.

Your mind is always working to make your life easy for you and if it deems someone as a person that will make feel happier, it goes to work. Seeing this person, your mind will begin to disturb anytime you are not with this person, this is why you cannot stop thinking of this person.

A dark skinned guy cannot stop thinking of a fair skinned lady he saw while shopping earlier in the day. You think it is love, it is minds way of telling him he needs her around because she possesses some traits which are his deficiencies.

This is just an example but I believe you get the idea. You might not be aware of the reason why are in love or thinking about this person, but when you search your subconscious, you will discover the reasons why.

It has nothing to do with your heart and it goes well to explain the meaning of finding what we call true love.

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