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Friday, May 26, 2017

Wrong Assumptions New Bloggers Have About Blogging

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Wrong Assumptions New Bloggers Have About Blogging

Wrong Assumptions New Bloggers Have About Blogging

Wrong Assumptions New Bloggers Have About Blogging

New bloggers come into blogging for different reasons. Some of them are right, some are wrong. But with proper guidance, they can achieve what they intend to achieve, be it money or getting their names out there.

But without the proper guidance, they would make a lot of mistakes and end up disappointed.

So let us take a look at four of the mistake new bloggers make.

Get rich quick scheme

When intending bloggers read about blogging, the part that gets their attention the most is when they read that old bloggers make as high as $25,000 a month.

The dollar sign fills their pupils and they fire up a new domain for $9.99, pay for hosting and expect the dollars to start rolling in the next morning.

Well I am sorry dude; you cannot make money like this.

Let me correct this impression, blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a scheme that demands a lot of patience. If you don’t have this virtue, forget about blogging.

When it comes to making money, blogging can indeed make you money but check the history of blogger that are now making money, most of them had been in the game for at least 3 years.

So if you are looking to make quick money, get a job. If you cannot dedicate at least one year of your life to blogging before seeing some return, forget it.

If you are not ready to work and shot out quality contents that can rank, forget it.

I am saying this because I have had my share of failures in blogging and as of this time, I am still not making enough money with this blog.


Some blogger don’t take SEO into account when they write their content. Their headline either has nothing to do with the content or it is too short to rank for any reasonable keyword.

They just write with the intention that it will rank.

If you don’t do your SEO homework and write quality articles in a format that google can understand and rank you better, your article will always show up at the 10th page of search results or 5th if you are lucky. Whichever way, visitors will rarely come to your site.


Some writers are always in a hurry to get results and because they are not ready to work, they copy other people’s content hoping that google will rank them for similar articles and they can reap from where they did not sow.

Well if you fall into that class, I am sorry my friend because this path is the fastest way to get banned by google.

So you better think again before you start scrapping people’s content and publishing it as yours.


Some bloggers don’t think about quality when writing their articles. Some visitors will leave your blog and never come back again if all you provide is trash.

To bloggers like this it is all about pushing out articles hoping that quantity is what matters instead of both quantity and quality.

I hope that new bloggers sit tight and prepare for a long journey as they intend to join the world of blogging.

If you want to succeed as a blogger, you must do something unique and different. I intend to do the same with this blog.


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