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Monday, May 29, 2017

5 Reasons why your backlinking strategies are not working yet

Have you been pounding away at sites spending hours trying to get your links out there with nothing to show for it? Well I might be able to come up with some ideas as to why this is so.

Reasons why your backlinking strategies are not working yet

Reasons why your backlinking strategies are not working yet

When new bloggers hear the word backlinking, they believe is about getting your links out there to as many sites as you can. But I am sorry to disappoint you because it doesn’t work this way.

Before google created algorithms to check link cheats, internet marketers could manufacture thousands of backlinks on auto in a few days and get their scam sites ranking in high.

This was not giving google’s users the desired results that they wanted. So Google had to do something about it. Now getting your links out is not enough you have to be strategic about it.

When done right, backlinks can get you the higher ranking that you desire. But when misapplied, you could land your site in a lot of trouble.

So let us look at some reasons why your backlinking strategies are not working.

Why your backlinking strategies are not yielding the desired results

  1. Low quality sites: One of the reasons why you are not seeing any results in your backlinking strategies is because you are putting your links in low quality sites. Sites with low PR or no PR at all will do less to your ranking. They will however contribute their own quota but not as much as what top sites can do for you.
  2. Unfamiliar niche: Leaving links in sites that are not familiar to the niche your blog is about will not do much good for you. As a matter of fact it might send a signal to Google that you are trying to manipulate the system and this can affect your site credibility and ranking negatively.
  3. You are not patient enough: You might be doing it right but understand that you can only try your best but Google is the one that does the ranking. You cannot force organics so it is my advice that you give it some time – that is if you are sure you are doing it right. Ranking is a slow process.
  4. Using one strategy alone: Building thousands of links on a few sites will not get you the kind of ranking you desire. As I said earlier, Google is aware of this form of manipulation and has algorithm in place for it. This form of backlinking can also get you low ranking because it is obvious that you are trying to manipulate the system.
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Another example is when a large chunk of your links are coming from comments alone. You might rank for a while but when the bots realize this, you traffic will suddenly tank sending all your backlinking efforts to waste.

  1. Trying to force it: Because some people are so desperate to rank, they try to force organics and some of the tricks they apply can be termed as Blackhat SEO. Google hates such and frowns at it. It could get your site blacklisted and deindexed entirely from search. So I suggest you do it the right way and be patient with it.

Leave me a comment on your thoughts.

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