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Monday, May 29, 2017

6 Things Guest blogging can do for your blog

What you stand to gain and benefits as a guest blogger for other sites

Have you been wondering about guest blogging and what it can do for your blog and online business? Well I will tell you.

Guest blogging can get you higher ranking, more visitors and exposure to your site

Guest blogging can get you higher ranking, more visitors and exposure to your site

In this article are reasons why you should guest blog and what you stand to gain from these efforts.

  1. Backlinks: This is one of the primary reasons why you should guest blog on other sites. You get backlinks which are ranking factors for search engines. Higher ranking means more traffic to your blog and this means more revenue for you depending on the strategy you use in converting your visitors.
  2. Higher ranking: Just as I have written earlier, writing articles for other sites gets you the high ranking you desire for your sites through the backlinks for these blogs.
  3. More visitors: By more visitors I don’t mean organic traffics alone. You can also get visit from links to your site placed in the articles you wrote for other blogs. If the blog you are writing for has high traffic, visitors tend to click on your link to see what you have to offer on your site.
  4. Credibility: Guest blogs tend to increase your credibility as a source of the information you are passing. Your brand is affected positively when you have your link in top sites. You can achieve that by writing for them or publishing an article so good on your blog that tops blog have no other option but to link to it and use it as a reference for their readers.
  5. Subscribers: As your credibility increases, you loyal readers increase too and this results to more numbers in subscribers. These are the people that trust you enough to buy your ebook of pay for your training course.
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Higher traffic also increases the opportunity for subscribers. That is an added bonus to your guest blogging effort.

  1. Google Ban: Now as much as guest blogging can get you these wonderful things I stated above, it can also bring the mush dreaded panda effect on your blog. This is possible when you are not getting the backlinks the right way.

Because you want to guestblog does not mean that you will write articles for any site you lay your eyes on. For your guest blogging effort to yield results you will have to write for sites similar to the niche you are blogging about. That is how you can make the most out of it. But if you think that having thousands of your link splattered all over the comment boxes of site and thinking that google will thank you for it, then you have something else coming your way.

Guest blogging when done should be done write or the results from blackhat actions are not what you will love.

Leave us with comments on your thoughts.

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