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Monday, May 22, 2017

How interviewing someone great for your blog can get you traffic and credibility

There are different means of growing your blog to become your major source of income. This means that you have to work on improving your traffic and that becomes easy when your blog has built its credibility.

Interviewing people that matters can get your blog credibility

Interviewing people that matters can get your blog credibility

Now coming to the issue of building credibility, interviewing someone exciting in the niche you are blogging about can indeed get you that credibility.

Building your email list and subscribers becomes easy when you have proven yourself to be serious in your niche.

It is just like having a celebrity endorse your product; interviewing people that matters in the industry and have them teach your audience builds the trust both old and new visitors will have for your blog.

You are certifying your blog as a credible source for trusted information. Imagine that you are running a health blog and you have a category for interviews you’ve conducted with doctors in different fields talking about different health problems. Building credibility for such site will not be hard because you are known for publishing information from trusted professionals.

That is what I mean by having people that matters interviewed and their opinion published in your blog.

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Publishing these types of articles adds up as quality it becomes easier for other bloggers to references your blog posts and share them.

That is how you get free and organic backlinks and your social signals become stronger. It is not only about that. Talking to professionals in your niche helps you learn and increases your knowledge on what to write about in your future blog posts.

There are so many gains in interviewing people of interests in your field. These are just few of them I thought of bringing to your knowledge.

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