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Monday, May 22, 2017

How to write blog posts that teach, educate and inspire readers

There is a difference between writing when you have something to say and when your calendar tells you that you have to publish today.

How to write blog posts that teach, educate and inspire readers

How to write blog posts that teach, educate and inspire readers

The first is that you have something to write about from your heart without even thinking about it, the other is kind of mechanical. You are forcing it and you won’t be able to make an impact with this style.

Every blog posts you publish should be about changing someone’s life and make them better. If you are not doing this then you are not blogging.

When I come to your blog, I should be able to learn something new or something that adds value to what I already know.

This means that your blog posts should teach, educate, entertain and most of all inspire me. That is how I make my decision to subscribe to your email list for future posts and buy your ebook to learn more.

I have read lots of blog posts and I see that so many readers are writing mechanically, trying to force out thousands of words because Neil Patel told them that is how you rank faster in google.

I get exhausted after reading their monstrous post and yet I don’t feel like leaving my email with them for future post notifications.

Now there are also long posts I have come across and wished the post will never end. I kind of compared these two scenarios and wondered why some are so boring and exhausting while others were interesting, and then it hit me.

When you read interesting articles you see that the writer was writing from his or her heart. The writing is natural and talking about real life experiences and how their lives changes due to certain events.

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You read and learn from them and you can’t wait to read what this writer has next to say.

Looking at this formula you see that there is nothing better than writing naturally and from the depth of your heart.

That is how your blog hits the quality mark and that is how you can teach, educate, entertain and inspire your readers.

I think I’m done here because I believe you are supposed to have gotten the message by now.

Let me know what you think.

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