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Monday, May 22, 2017

New Visitors Vs Returning Visitors Which Converts Best For a Blog

New Visitors Vs Returning Visitors Which Converts Best For a Blog

New Visitors Vs Returning Visitors Which Converts Best For a Blog

There is this questions that between new visitors and returning visitors which one converts best in terms monetization. Well the truth is that there is no definite answer to this question. It most times depends on your blogging and monetization method.

There are different monetization methods when it comes to blogging. There is the ads method, affiliate method and selling of physical or digital products which are most times your own ebooks and info products.

When you want to make money selling ad spots or using ad networks like adsense, first time visitors works best and the best of them are organic traffic.

These set of visitors are arriving on your site for the first time and are not ad blind. Depending on the position and formatting of your ads you can get a good or poor click though rate.

Returning visitors on the other hand have visited your site more than ones and most times are ad blind because they are used to the positions of these ads.

Making money with ad option can be poor with returning visitors.

But the good thing about returning visitors means that they trust you enough to come back. This means that you are providing quality on your blog – good enough to make them come back for more.

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Building this kind of trust in your readers means that they have the confidence to buy whatever product or services you sell or recommend to them.

This means that affiliate products, selling physical or digital products works well with returning visitors than with first time visitors. Your first time visitors don’t know you and don’t trust you yet so inputting their credit card information on your site or any one you recommend for them might be tough.

So I believe you get the idea. Making money with new or returning visitors depends on your blogging and monetizing style.

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