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Monday, May 29, 2017

There is still a future for guest posting in the blogging world

Most bloggers are skeptical about the importance of guest blogging and how it can help their website grow. Well most bloggers have succeeded using this means while there are few that did not guestblog but was still able to pull in handsome level of organic traffic from Google.

Guest blogging can get you higher ranking, more visitors and exposure to your site

Guest blogging can get you higher ranking, more visitors and exposure to your site

But whichever way it is, there is still some good future for guest posting on other sites. The main reason is for backlinks before we can talk about promoting your brand.

As long as Google still uses backlinks as a ranking factor in their algorithm, I believe that guest blogging will still have its strength and ability to help your site rank better.

It is about getting your name out there and proving your credibility both to the search engine bots and to humans as well.

Guest blogging gets you all these and many more. If you are good writer and able to get your articles published on highly trafficked blog, you can pull some good amount traffic in a few days of having the article published on their site.

The will however cause a spike in your analytics for a few days before it falls down to its normal rates. And if you are good at converting your first time visitors to leads, your subscribers might increase exponentially within those few days.

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However, your success as a guestblogger is dependent on the quality visitors find in your blog by the time they hit your site.

Ensure that you are solving real problems by providing quality articles and contents. It gets easier when there are lots of interaction and comments in your blog posts that is how you win the loyalty of your visitors.

Guest blogging still remains intact in the world of blog promotion and high ranking in search engines.

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